Thursday, January 12, 2012

Have an Etsy Shop ? Did you Know ?

The last few weeks I have spent filling our Etsy shop ..and catching up on Threads from my Etsy Teams I belong to...

Belonging to Etsy Teams can really provide you with a huge audience for your shop ..but it also can provide you with a wealth of information ... which can be an absolute Blessing.

Before Christmas .. I was reading in the Etsy help section about Search Engine Optimization and how to get your Etsy Shop found in Google Searches in more ways than one ..

That got me to thinking ... I have had a Web Address that I pay for and have always had it pointed at my blog being that I didn't have an actual website ..this way rather they typed in ..Or ...they would end up at my blog .. 

Well I began wondering would it be possible to point the web address to my Etsy shop ????

Pause .. add alot of days of work in and this and that ..and well a week or two passes and Voila ..I'm now visiting in my Etsy Team ..and see a thread that basicly says you can point your web address to your Etsy shop ...and I read on and sure enough this gal said ultimately you could and she paid someone to do the work for her.

Luckily in my favor I knew exactly how to point my web address ..and thus 5 minutes later I had it done ..

Now when I hand out my business cards ..and or tell someone about visiting my online shop ..all I need do is tell them to check out for my online shop and to visit my blog .. WooHoo ...!!!p>

If you have an Etsy shop and have a web address you have purchased .. and either have it pointed at your blog or just sitting not being used or have wanted to buy your personalized .com ... You can point it to your Etsy shop ... Which is perfection in my book. I had a website for a few years ..and the work involved was more than I cared for Etsy is the perfect oppurtunity to have a shop and still be able to use my .com name to send my customers and potential clients too ..

So that's my Sharing session for the year ...LOL !!!

Hope it helps those of you who sell on Etsy ... we can all use a little help all the time.


P.S. my sweet puppy is coming home a day earlier than I thought ..tomorrow .. I'm so excited I just might wet my britches .. ! Prepare for a parade of pictures ..because I'm sure I won't be able to contain myself ... !


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