Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy at the Farmhouse ..

It's been a little quiet the last few weeks here on my blog ..but that's for a good reason .. I've been working on several custom orders ..which I am actually growing to love doing.

As I sit here at my computer preparing this post to share with you all a not so fragrant aroma wafts through the air .. the slider door is open drawing fresh air from the out of doors ..but the aroma or maybe I should say stink still permeates the air .. My mind is drawn to a specific scene in a specific Movie .."Anne of Green Gables" .. when Anne Finds she has left the cover off the pudding ..and finds a mouse has died enjoying his last supper inside the pudding crock. A sweet little mouse has done the same here at the farmhouse .. he has lived and died although I do not know that he feasted on such a beautiful meal at the end .but my nose tells me his end came ..inside the wall ..that my desk sits against. It's impossible to tear the wall out the house is airing out today ..thank goodness for the constant onshore breeze we have had all day ..unlike yesterday where it was very warm and still outside. The poor little mouse .. I imagine he got stuck and couldn't get out ...and had an untimely death.

So as I sit here ..yummy aroma and all .. here's what I began to share ..

When I first started custom orders ..I was slightly nervous to put it mildly ..and more than afraid when it came time to reveal the order to the client ..fearfully thinking that it wouldn't be what they wanted ... After doing a great many custom orders my confidence has grown ..and so far Everyone has liked their orders .. which I am so grateful to God for. For it is truly his work through my hands and I want it to be the very best it possibly can.

Two Sweet Gals ...Sarah and Beverly ..who come to the Vintage Marketplace ..placed an order with me at our Dec. Show for a sign to hang in their shop in an Antique shop in Norco, CA. "Antiques Trinkets & More.

Their shop is the "Vintage Farmhouse" ...

Sarah had purchased one of my Farmhouse Blessings Signs I did for I think it was the show last June ..and wanted it to be similiar to that one .. So I had a great starting point to work from.

The only difference rather than being 3 feet long She and Beverly needed this sign to be just about 6 ft. in length ..

Below is the finished sign ... Unfortunately I couldn't find a spot big enough around our house to hang it up ..but I think it still came out great against the tree .. And I bet it even looks more fabulous in Sarah and Beverly's shop ..

Be sure and Visit Sarah and Beverly's shop .. inside Antiques Trinkets & More .. Located On Hamner Ave at 4th street in Norco, CA ...


Another order I worked on this week is ..a Very Long Custom Burlap Runner

Our Burlap runners are one of our top sellers at our marketplaces and in our Etsy shop .. and lately I have been receiving several inquiries for custom lengths and sentiments ..which I am glad to do for anyone.

Our Shorter Runners that run around 63 inches in total length are made from our vintage WWII Era Burlap ..which is wonderful. It's got a really close weave and is super nubby it's got a wonderful appeal that the new burlap you find at the average fabric shop today just doesn't have. "They don't make things like they used too " ...

Our longer Runners are made from New Burlap but it's a high grade burlap with a close flat weave ..and looks so stunning when made into runners.

I just finished up this Beautiful Runner this morning and it's off and in the mail to it's new owner.

She requested her runner to be a total of 104 inches long to fit her 7 foot long table ...which will look better than our short table ..but for show and tell it had to be ...

And She wanted it to read " Joie De Vivre" ..french for

Joie de vivre (French pronunciation: [ʒwa də vivʁ], joy of living) is a French phrase often used in English to express a cheerful enjoyment of life; an exultation of spirit. Joie de vivre
"can be a joy of conversation, joy of eating, joy of anything one might do… And joie de vivre may be seen as a joy of everything, a comprehensive joy, a philosophy of life, a Weltanschauung. Robert's Dictionnaire says joie is sentiment exaltant ressenti par toute la conscience, that is, involves one's whole being."[1]

This is my 2nd runner this month with this sentiment among all you french lovers it must be a popular phrase...

I can see why .. when it speaks of Joy ...what a great reminder to have draped at your table and as you pass it throughout the day remember to "Enjoy Life"


So it's back to the work table ..time to get my fingers going once again .. time to get the sewing machine all revved up ..and time to let the creative juices flow...

Until next time .. "Joie De Vivre"



  1. Hi Sara, I love your new runners and the sign is beautiful. I'll see you gals soon!@

  2. That runner is fabulously beautiful! What a great job you've done, Sara.

  3. ewwwww, I hate when that happens, livin' in the country there is always some kind of stinky smell!!! lovin' your runners!!!

  4. LOVE that farmhouse sign, wow.....soooo nice!!


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