Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Farmhouse Pumpkins ..

.... At last ......

For our sweet Friends that were unable to make it to our Marketplace last weekend .. and are unable to make it to Glitterfest ..or those who don't live locally to get your farmhouse pumpkins ...

I was able to get several of them listed today in our Etsy shop ... Hip Hip Hooray !

The Photo above was at last weekends marketplace ..and as usual they flew out quickly which is always so exciting ....

And Below is a peek at some of the pumpkins I listed today in our Etsy shop ... I hope to add more over the next few days...





I have to admit as cute as the pictures I took are ..they just don't do the pumpkins justice .. It's hard to get pictures of 3 dimensional items ..that's always a challenge for me. Plus the pictures make them all looks so tiny ..yet many of them are quite large .. If you find there are pumpkins you would like smaller or larger ..or if they have Sold and you want one similiar ..by all means contact us and we would be glad to fill a custom order for you...

If you would like to browse our shop for our farmhouse pumpkins ..click HERE


On another Note ...I know many of you have written and asked how my sweet Maggie is doing with her cancer or if she was still alive ... ??

Well suprisingly ..she is still alive ...she was given 2 months then a second opinion was 2 weeks and we are now past the 2 month make... and she is actually doing fairly well...we are all in amazement.

I'll get some picts of her this week ..and share about how she's doing and where were at with her cancer ...by the first of next week...

She's quite an amazing dog !


Wishing you all a beautiful tomorrow ..and many Farmhouse Blessings



  1. Those pumpkins are so sweet. They are really cute, love the lace and polka dot fabrics too.

  2. Hi Girls!
    Your pumkins are amazingly cute! Your boutique was over the top, as usual! I wish I had more time to shop you, for me!
    xo, Amber
    p.s. glad to hear Maggie is doing okay.

  3. these are soooo totally unique! very kool! Jennifer


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