Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Fabulous Marketplace Weekend and where we are headed NEXT ...

... Well This Past Friday and Saturday ..we had a fabulous Sale at the Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks ...

Our Shop was filled to the top ..Literally.. with wonderful Farmhouse Goods...

I thought I would share a few picts ..I got early Friday morning just before the crowds rolled in ...

... Our upcycled Urban Farmhouse Burlap Trunk with Script strapping , Vintage Hardward ..and the number 2 applied with old decorative tacks ...didn't last long at all and went home with the sweetest gal ever ! I can't waint to grab me another trunk to upcycle ..I love so much how this one came out ...

Jars, Jars, and More Jars ... Filled our Vintage Store Shelving Rack ..... There is just something about old Glass ...and old jars and how the light filters through them ..how they look in a collection, and how they serve a purpose beyond just beauty but are useful too .. Something of Beauty and Usefulness is a must in every farmhouse ..

..Our Farmhouse Camp table was set to perfection ..in creamy whites... with our Lace embellished burlap runners and our Farmhouse Iced Tea Glasses ..

The camp table of course found a home ...and I can't be more thrilled about the home it's headed to .. A sweet Couple that lives in the inner city ..and works with the youth in that area toted it home Saturday after purchasing it Friday...The table will now be the training ground for the youth of today ..where they will have their Bible studies and take their meals ...Now what better use could a table be put too .. It makes my heart very happy !

A sweet Shot of our business cards, Guestbook and Glitterfest cards ..Did I say "Glitterfest" ... more about that below ...

... So here is a little dream photo for me ... and although it is but a small shot and a rather small grouping of offerings ... It has been a little silent dream of mine for over a year now ...to be able to create enough offerings to fill up this wonderful vintage Pipe garment rack. I finally succeeded for this show....In filling it with a bundle of our New Sweet Magnolias Farm Girl Totes .. Our new line of Flour Sack towel aprons ..a bundle of Burlap and ticking runners ..and the top with vintage Suitcases ... And Yes my hands personally made every item on that rack ..there were alot of hours put in behind that sewing maching ..LOL !

Abbey and I always love designing the inside top of our tent ... Taking away the tents cold stark white ...and filling it with warmth ... Once again we lined the top in old burlap .. and made our Signature Sweet Magnolias Farm Umbrellas the centerpiece with vintage style pennant banners that we made here at the farmhouse ....

... Anyone for some Vintage Milk Bottles ??? Abbey and I have become drawn to vintage milk bottles as of late .. And we are now offering them with our very own vintage labels and decorative hang ties ... They'll be headed to our Etsy shop... today !

AND ....last but not least ... Our Sweet Magnolias Farm Original Farmhouse Flour Sack Towels ... We have a dozen new designs ...all of which will be offered today and later in the week ..in our Etsy shop ... These flew out at the show ... making great Gifts for the upcoming Holidays ..Thanksgiving and Christmas ... All of our Designs on our towels are made exclusively here at Sweet Magnolias Farm ..and Each towel is made from start to finish by Sweet Magnolias Farm. We put a whole lot of love into our work ..and we are so thrilled our friends and customers can see that ...

Thank you ...to all of our customers who keep coming back to support us at each Marketplace ..and it was so much fun meeting some of our online buyers in person at this mareketplace .. We are so Grateful for all of you ..you keep us going inbetween marketplaces ..creating and designing new offerings to bring to you.

ALSO ... Thank You to Rita, Christi, and Deane ..for another successful Marketplace.. we appreciate all your hardwork that goes into putting the Marketplace together and pulling it off each time !

AND ... Last but not least ... Abbey and I are back to work already ... Yes there's no down time at the farmhouse ! We are now gearing up for "GLITTERFEST" ...!!!!

Just a month away ...On October 15th ... 1 day only (Saturday) in Santa Ana, Ca ... You can Join us and over 4o other Artisans and Vintage Home Decor Artisans for a Fabulous Shopping Experience !

Be sure to get there early ..There's always a line and you of course want to get good parking ..

For more info. visit http://www.glitterfest.com/

We'll see you all in October at Glitterfest !!! P.S. for those who were looking for our Aged paper wreaths at the Marketplace ... we will be offering them at Glitterfest !



  1. LOVE LOVE L*O*V*E it AL!!!!!

    Oh my gosh. I sooo want to come there!


  2. Sara...everything looks amazing! That trunk is to die for!!!



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