Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday !!! A Marriage Made in Heaven

This is my First time to participate in Vintage Inspiration Friday ..Hosted by Debra over at Common Ground ..

Debra is the sweetest Gal ..and it's been a pleasure meeting her here in blogland ..not to mention she lives in a place that has a big piece of my heart ..Missouri ...! We used to live there ..and we always consider it home ..and we're hoping to get back there again one day.

So for my Vintage Inspiration Friday post ....I thought I would share a Marriage made in Heaven


In my last few posts I mentioned that fabulous 9 week estate sale that Abbey and I were able to attend ...well there were some wonderful finds we came home with ..Many of them though being projects . Things we had vision for and knew we wouldn't happen on them again so we had to grab them while we could and tuck them away for that perfect moment we knew what it would become.

Well this fabulous Silver Plate "Hot Plate" Base was in buried treasure in a box at one of the sales ... One handle was missing ..and of course the top ... But I loved the lines of this piece ..loved the patina ..and had an Inspiration for it to become a Cake Plate Base. All I would need to find would be a Beautiful Glass Top. Which I figured we would eventually hit upon.

However ....My Idea took a bit of a turn ..

While we were moving into our 2 shops over at Treasures and Junk ...across from our second space we spied and absolute treasure ...But upon seeing the price I decided to give it some thought ....

At the moment I hadn't thought of the marriage ..and it wasn't actually until we made another trip to the shop that the marriage idea popped into my wee little brain ...and I was elated I had the perfect reason for purchasing my sweet treasure if it was only still there ...

It was there the only thing was ..would they fit ..I didn't have the measurements to know ..?? But I eyed it and thought they would Marry Beautifully ..and to my delight when we arrived home ..

It was a Marriage Made In Heaven !!!


This Gorgeous Dome not a new one ..but an antique One ..The glass on it is so thick ..not like the thin ones today ..and this picture doesn't accurately depict the size of this dome ..and that's one big reason I loved it ..

It stands Over 2 ft. in height ...that is just the Dome ...not the base !

The base and the dome were truly meant for one another ...I'm so glad I was inspired by the base to bring it home ...

The Funny thing about the marriage of these 2 pieces Abbey and I started collecting for Christmas ..Dome Pieces. It all started about 4 yrs ago ..when we went to of all places Wal-Mart ...and they had the old style Christmas Houses in large Glass Domes. We bought the set of 3 that year and every year since we have added pieces that have domes with Beautiful scenes inside...

These are the 3 domes we got that year at Wal-Mart ...Hard to believe Hah !!! and I think they were only $9.99 a piece if I remember correctly ...

So ....My Inspired vision now is not a house but a tall Bottle Brush Style tree inside ..decorated very vintage ...I'm not exactly sure how it will come out ...I like things to come to life as I create them ..

So this Marriage Made in Heaven now will be a work in progress add to our Dome collection ...

It's always fun to be inspired by vintage Pieces see them as something they were not meant to be re-create them to upcycle and recycle them into a new use today.

Be Sure to stop in over at Debra's to see all the other Vintage Inspiration Friday Participants ..



  1. They make a lovely couple! What a beautiful post. I loved it. So nice you joined us at VIF.

    Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

  2. They make a lovely couple! I'm sure you'll make a gorgeous vignette inside. I dan't wait to see!

    Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

  3. They were just meant for each other, lovely couple!!! Blessings~~ Daphne

  4. Perfect union!! I love your little holiday display and showcasing a tree in your new creation sounds wonderful!! Have a great day!

  5. Lovely! You've inspired me for my Christmas decorating--love the domes with Christmas houses; they warm the heart!

  6. Wonderful combination! I love the little village pieces from Walmart too. I saw them last I wish I purchased them! Wonderful vignette.

  7. That is a great marriage. I can't wait to see your bottle brush tree under glass!

  8. Hi Sara, such sweet sentiments from you, thank you!! Isn't it funny when we just "know" something will fit together? Years of experience DO help. Love how they look together, you had a great vision, and the rest of the domes and houses are just beautiful! Thanks so much for joining in on VIF!
    hugs and love,


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