Friday, November 19, 2010

Last day for our 20% off SALE at Treasures N Junk ....

Another Busy week here at the Farmhouse know a Girls work really never ends doesn't matter how bad she feels sick she is ..or how much she's worked just keeps on presenting itself to her day after day ...

Abbey and I spent the first part of this week ..digging in our garage ..! 4yrs ago when we moved into the house we now reside in we had just come back from the midwest ..where we had been on a buying trip ...after arriving here and moving in the long story short is My Dad was hospitalized with a Triple bi-pass and the story is everything got left in it's boxes for the most part and has been awaiting it's cheery day to be sold ...

So after digging out box after box ....we found some wonderful old china ...somd fabulous cottage finds ..vintage quilts , vintage curtains, vintage lamps ..and so much more ...We priced a fair size portion of it all on Wednesday and along with some new furniture finds including a vintage washing machine we hauled all over to T&J yesterday to our back shop ..the farm and cottage style one and gave that shop a makeover and filled it with all new goodies .

As we posted in earlier in the week ..Our Sale was set to run throught Friday which is today if you would like to get in on the sale ...and all those wonderful new goodies ...head on over there today ..!!!

Here's a sneek peek at Yesterdays work ...



  1. Beautiful stuff ladies! I might have to hop in the car and head over to Treasures & Junk, I live about 10 minutes from there.
    I am enamored with your linens, so pretty!

  2. Hi Sara,
    Your spot looks amazing..good thing (or not) that I don't live closer, I see several things that I love !! I'm going to have to make on of those lanp shade trees...thanks for sharing!!


  3. Love everything in the photos! Nice old washer. judy

  4. Fabulous treasures! It looks like your hard work paid off, the booth looks great! Have a great weekend.

  5. Goodness! I wish I lived close enough to stop by. Everything is so yummy!

  6. I've GOT to stop by there! Your space is so cute! Are you going to be at Christie's Dec sale? If so, I'll see you guys there!
    Sincere Blessings to you,

  7. Such sweet vintage! One of these days my house will be in your shop -smile-.


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