Friday, December 11, 2009

The Perfect Gift ......

What if the World threw you a Birthday Party ... and

You weren't invited .....


A few days back while I was working away ...My Mom told me that she was unable to sleep well one evening and while surfing the channels on the t.v. she stopped to watch a movie with Jefferson Moore in it. She said it was a movie that truly touched the heart and was so very eye opening and that she recorded it on the DVR and I had to take the time to watch it.

Well several days later .."last night" to be exact ..we sat down for the evening to relax and she put it on for me to watch. Well I have to say she was so right ..Once again ...Jefferson Moore ..has simply touched on the "Truth" such a gently and awe inspiring way.

You May be asking ...who's Jefferson Moore ... Will He's a man after God's heart ..that has brought Jesus the movies. He's shown us ..that Jesus is our Friend ..He's shown us that Jesus "LOVE" ..His other movies include "The Perfect Stranger," "The Stranger," and "Another Perfect Stranger," to name just a few. If you haven't seen these ..I highly recommend them ..I could watch them over and over again ..and I always long for that embrace He gives to those he meets in the end. Once you watch them'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

If you haven't seen His newest movie " The Perfect Gift" ...then I suggest highly that you watch it. It really puts the true perspective on Christmas and what it really is all about ..and how the world treats and views it ....And what we can do as individuals to keep Christmas ...well Christmas !!!

TBN ..will be playing it again .. click HERE view the schedule for the next showings.

And to read more about the movie ..and see some clips ..just click on the "Perfect Gift" Banner above ....

This is a Wonderful Movie for the whole family ..from small children to adults ...You can sit down together ..and learn the True Meaning of Christmas.

Take the time slow down this season ..and enjoy "The Perfect Gift" ... it's an Eternal Thing !!!!

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas ...

Happy Birthday Jesus

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  1. Thanks bunches for this wonderful post, it was so uplifting. Thanks for the link too. I've not seen this movie and would love to see it. I'll set my DVR so I don't miss it.



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