Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another New Years ..Another Oppurtunity ....

Once again another year has passed and another year is before us. Another New Years and Another Oppurtunity live a little a whole lot more ...and look forward to the blessings and lessons that lye ahead in the days before us ..the days of 2010.

2009 has been full of Joyous moments ..Blessings and so many lessons learned for me.

I suppose that many of you are thinking up New Years resolutions ...what diet you may be going to pursue in the new year, how much money you will try and save, what food you will give up, what job you are going to try out for, and the list goes on and on. I'm sure I have heard many years over that generally New Years resolutions don't work out for most people ..and I have to admit I am without a doubt one of those that doesn't stick to a resolution well at all. Several Years back I decided that resolving to do this or that ..just wasn't for me. However I am in awe at those who can do it. I think resolutions are like forming a new habit ..something you teach yourself to do over and over and over until it's just part of your daily routine ..and here again I have to admit that I am bad at forming habits ..I am one of those that gets bored very easily with things ..and am always onto the next new thing I can learn or do ..or try and so on. So you can see my personality doesn't lend well to resolving to do something for a very long period of time ..LOL !!!

I think when it comes to new years resolutions ..well just have to do what's best for you ..If your the type that can do it ..or just want's to give it a go ....Well Go for it ..and if your more like me and the chance you'll break that resolution by the next morning after making it ...well don't beat yourself up over it ...!!! We are all made differently ...Beautiful and wonderful in our own right...just as God created us....and really that's what makes the world interesting is we all have a little different personality to lend to it.

Our New Years Eve ...we will be spending right here in the comfort of our own home ...I'm sure we won't get much sleep ...Our neighborhood likes to bring in the new year in a loud way ...Wherever you are at home or off for a fun celebration...
Here's wishing all my Kindred Friends ..and Kindred Sisters ...a Happy New Year ..with Joy and Blessings filling it full.

Your Kindred Friend ...Sara

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  1. Girl, you are SO WISE.
    I love that you said, "the chance you'll break that resolution by the next morning after making it ...well don't beat yourself up over it ."
    I tell ya, I've kicked myself black n blue over the years.
    Anyways, just wanted to tell you I've been browsing all your prim offerings and girl your valentines ROCK bigtime. I think this week I may have to get my old featherweight purrin..... YOU'VE INSPIRED ME ONCE AGAIN.
    You have such a way of doin that.
    Spirit sends his love. I just walked outdoors in my slippers n jammies before church coz it's snowin big ole snowflakes and Spirit eeeawwwwed at me. That's HOWDY in donkeytalk. ;)


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