Friday, September 9, 2016

New life ~ New Places to Shop

A new place to live and some wonderful places to shop...

Well we are absolutely thrilled to be in our new home state of Missouri. We have traveled here on and off for over 20 years now and lived here twice before. This time seems to be a little sweeter than the rest .. like it's the right time, the right fit, and we're where God wants us. Such a good feeling !

Well we know so many of the antique malls and flea markets from shopping here throughout the years. Some have come and gone as small businesses do and others have stuck it out for the duration and we still go back to shop and then a whole onslaught of new flea markets and vintage stores have popped up in the last year or so .. and it's been so fun !

The newest store on our radar is "The Vintage Peddler"

They are actually an antique mall/ vintage marketplace .. Shelly the owner wants to set her marketplace apart by having vendors that stylize their shop and only offer antique, vintage and rustic offerings .. no flea market items .. which we love. This neck of the woods has alot of flea markets to choose from so having a place that's all vintage is a nice change of pace !

Well we stopped in for the grand opening and I took lots of pictures to share .. At first as I was going through my photos many of them just didn't turn out .. I didn't know rather it was the new camera lens or the low light because I didn't have a flash with me .. I re-visited the photos today and realized more came out than I thought yippee so here they are for your enjoyment !

Seriously Love the Market Carts for shopping ! This place is big and what a cute idea  !

They have 2 checkout counters .. Loving this checkout made up of a long buffet with the vintage chandelier and rustic wood wall !

There were some amazing rustic fall displays ...

and this space which my full photo of didn't turn out ( sad face) ... is a big raised front porch with galvenized top .. it's way cute gals .. next time I'll try another shot at it.

Wether you are looking for furniture, some glitzy mirrors, advertising, kitchy goods, old quilts or rustic finds .. "The Vintage Peddler" has you covered !

They also have a plethora of spaces available .. which I want one so bad .. almost rented one last week but Logic took over and said wait till you're in a house. You know the whole don't get the cart before the horse theory .. seriously that can be boring LOL ! You never know I may change my mind tomorrow ! ..

Well if you are local or just passin' by the Springfield, MO area .. maybe you're making a trip to Branson for the fall and the changing of the leaves .. be sure to put this on your to do list !

P.S. please feel free to pin any of the photos .. I just ask you don't remove my water mark or alter them and that you would kindly keep them linked back to my blog ..

Hugs and Blessings Y'all !



  1. I enjoyed that little day trip! Hehehe!

  2. Looks like a fun place to shop. Glad your move is going well.

  3. Oh goodness, I would love to shop there:) Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  4. What a great place. I know once you get settled in your new digs you can think about selling in this great place. Your beautiful things would sell so well here.

  5. Looks like a fun place to explore!

  6. I'm so glad you found your way over there! I've been there twice and it's turning into a habit!! They will be a great source of info for you about all the shows and events around here as many of the gals who have spaces there do shows too! I'd love to have a space there too, but I know better! Get settled, then get started, they will be the perfect spot for you guys!

    1. Thanks Debra .. Yes it will be a fun place to shop .. we are already in trouble .. there's so many place to shop for some amazing pieces .. compared to where we lived .. I'm learning to have self-contol ... that's not easy with such fun shopping ..LOL ! Hugs to you !

  7. This was perfect timing - I am heading to Branson next week! I've been to the shops in Ozark, so I will be sure to make it to Springfield this time. Any other area shopping suggestions? Jane

    1. Jane there are several flea markets in Springfield! Just ask the gals when you visit The Vintage Peddler!

    2. Hey Jane .. It looks like I missed your question by the time I checked and published you had already come to visit .. but next time .. gosh there's a whole list of shops in the Springfield, Nixa and Ozark area. I'm sure every shop can point you in the right direction ..And there are some handy little tri-fold antiquing guides although not all shops are in them .. but the ones that are, are worth a try. Hope you had a fun time in Branson !
      Blessings Sara

  8. So you've moved...YAY and congratulations! We have a heavy fog so not all your photos loaded but the ones that did, I sure enjoyed! Pretty much, I've stopped going to consignment shops, antique stores, etc. because I always want to bring something home with me. My Beloved Sistah has threatened bodily harm if I don't stop! lol

    1. Good to have you stop in Sandra .. I left a comment on your blog a few days ago !


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