Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all ... a look back at my Scarecrow Costume

Happy Fall Y'all
Well Fall is just a few days away ..and I've been reminiscing.
Many years back I worked as a waitress .. I worked for several restaurants one of which was "Marie Callender's" which is mainly here on the west coast but I know there were a few in other states as well.
During the Halloween season if you happened to be scheduled to work on Halloween night they would request that you would dress up .. Of course even then I loved harvest time and fall .. and what better costume than a scarecrow .. ! So Abbey and I devised this costume ..
( Picture was shot with those throw away camera's that were so popular at the time)
We bought a straw hat at the craft store .. along with some floral items .. a Black Bird, Sunflowers, Corn and Straw ..and attached them to the top of the hat ..with a mixture of Hot Glue and Wire, ( getting the bird to stay upright was a little challenging) It was funny though every time I tried it on and the poor bird just flopped over like it was dead .. I remember laughing till my belly hurt.
I wanted long straw hair ..but straw obviously would have been a bit messy so we made a wig from raffia .. and glued it way up inside the hat .
We used some of Abbey's make up and did up my face with a cute red nose with black stitches ..
Then I had a flannel already in my wardrobe and grabbed a pair of dad's old Wrangler jeans and with our craft paints we hand painted, sunflowers, a bird, a patch and hearts on the front of the jeans .the backs were painted too ..but we didn't photograph them all those years ago I can't remember what was on the back .. other than I know I put a red bandana coming out of one pocket.
We Used Sisal Rope and made suspenders to hold up my oversized Dad Jeans... back then I was skinny and he was chunky ..all these years later ..we've had a bit of a role reversal ..he's skinny and I'm chunky ..LOL !
Lastly I wore a pair of Knit Garden Gloves in Black ..we cut holes and put raffia out the holes so I looked like a genuine scarecrow that had, had it's stuffing plucked out by the blackbirds .. we added raffia ties at my wrists and ankles for a little more genuine scarecrow style and a corn cob pipe to my shirt pocket and I was ready to go .. well not quite,
Being the skinny minny that I was back then ..I didn't quite have that nice robust stuffed scarecrow quality we had to come up with stuffing and I mean last minute right before I was headed out the door to work.. so we grabbed Plastic grocery bags and started stuffing ..shirt, pants,  etc ... this is where I have a tip..
 don't stuff your clothes with plastic bags .. Yah somehow we cleverly created the costume and got a little un-clever with the stuffing by not thinking through that in my job as a waitress on a busy Halloween night .. it lends to a gal perspiring and boy those plastic bags were a major killer .. ! Sweat wasn't the word for it .. Luckily I perspired without any odor ..thank goodness I would have been so thoroughly embarrassed.
The Fun thing was the plastic bags crinkled and crackled when I moved so I sounded like I was really stuffed with straw ..LOL !
It was a fun night ..the guests enjoyed my costume .. and I always love putting a smile on peoples faces so it was definitely a great night.
If you're headed to a Fall Festival in your local town or at a church ..etc .. a scarecrow makes a fun costume rather your 1 or 101 ..


Here's another gal that dressed up as a scarecrow ..and she's so adorable

(found on Kastles )


Wishing you all ...

HarVeSt BleSsiNgS 


  1. What an adorable costume, Sara! By the way, I'm giving your rusty canning ring wreath a "shout-out" on my FB page tomorrow afternoon here -


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