Saturday, September 15, 2012

Getting Personal .... Confessions .... It's not a secret anymore ...

It all happened about 6 weeks ago ...
Abbey and I went on an outing with a few of our friends ...
A Fun day Shopping and a day out to lunch ...
The day started off Beautiful and Sunny ..the drive to our destination was smooth and we chattered all the way ...
We began by stopping off at a fun antique Mall ..and loaded up with lots of great Goods ...
From there we headed off to a cute little restaurant in a sweet vintage house .. and afterwards enjoyed hitting a few small antique shops ..
The day was so much fun ... and In all innocence I paid for my goods at each place ..Paid for lunch never thinking anyone was watching... OR
That two of my friends had spied and chattered about my personal secret I had exposed during the day !
Yes I admit it ... I carry a purse .. or as I call it a Tote ...(One I made) I used to carry those little mini leather backpacks years ago ..and they had alot of great organization inside for money CC's and anything else I had. Well they wore out long ago ..and I got so unaccustomed to carrying a wallet that I never bothered with one again ... I ended up carrying several totes .. and I admit it I "TOSSED"  everything inside
What an absolute mess .. I never found the time or for that matter remembered to get a wallet ..and the mess in my tote began driving me nuts ..
So here's my secret .. I created my own Penny Pinchers ..Cheapaholics ... Wallet ..Which personally did the job and organized everything for me ...
Here's a sample Below of what Lurks inside my tote !!!

Yes a few Sandwich baggies did the job .. One for all those dreadful cards to every store there is that you use maybe once every 6 months .."BUT" you don't want to miss out on the discount so you carry them around with you .... Another baggie for my money .. although sometimes there are 2 or 3 baggies with money I do admit ... And another with my Aspirin ..Tylenol ..etc... And even another with my lipgloss and mascara that I never use ... but just maybe I'll need it. Anyhow you get the picture.
I guess I never thought to much about it ... But when my sweet friends saw me pull my baggies out they were pretty much astonished and thought it was quite the "Funny" that I had all these baggies in my purse ...
So lo and behold ... Miss Rita of Mammabellarte ... and Miss Lisa Loria ...discussed a much better Designer style for me ...and a Week Later when I met up with Rita ... She brought my:
and here's a little peek at them ...

Yes Above ... are my new Upcycled Farmhouse Baggies .. Trimmed in Lace and so Stylin !
I'm so glad she used the ziploc style with the plastic slide such an upgrade from my finger style ziploc !
Rita in all her genius ... didn't just glue the lace on ..because by far that would be positively "TACKY" !!! Which I'm sure you would all agree !
Nope ...she Sewed the Lace onto the baggies ...which really shows ALOT of CLASS if your askin me !
So with the marketplace I was a bit over worked and just didn't have the time to transfer over my own items from my poor trashy cheapaholic baggies ... to my New Classy Farmstyle Baggies ! But I took care of that today ...and brace your self ..because my Money and Cards are looking Amazing ...
No More Secrets for me anymore !

I'm sure you agree this is 100 times better than before ... and I won't need to keep my baggie secret anymore ... I'm sure every patron I pay from the antique mall cashier to the waiter or waitress at the restaurant are now going to have Baggie Envy !!!
Well These are One of a Kinds ...Made by none other than my Sweet Talented Friend Rita of Mammabellarte ... If you love these like I do ... then you'll have to contact her for your set !
Friends are the best ... they can laugh at you and laugh with you and make you laugh.. And they do say Laughter is the best Medicine I think I'll be healthy for a long long time ..every time I use my new Farmstyle Baggie Organizers .. !
Laugh and the World Laughs with you !


  1. This made me chuckle and I needed that after a rather not so great day. Thanks for the laugh!! :)

  2. Well, I say "whatever works":) Cute of your friends to dress them up for you! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  3. Sara I have a secret....I do have envelopes in my purse holding money and all kids of papers. I think I also need to switch to "ruffled zip"!
    See you real soon. Ciao

    love your story

  4. LOL Love it!

    I stood in front of the mirror one day, saw that my right shoulder, the one that holds my purse, was lower than my left. So I stopped carrying a purse. Put money and whichever card I needed in my pocket, but I've recently started carrying a purse again. And I throw everything in. I've looked for wallets, but none fit my idea of what I need. Clearly, what I *need* is baggies!

  5. C U T E ! Clever Rita and "sew" you! You are styling now Sara! xox

  6. I love it! Just have to love good friends that keep us living in style! That girl is so very sweet :) It was very nice to meet you at the vmp. My friend, mom, sister, and I had the best time! See you next time!
    Blessings, Aimee


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