Friday, July 22, 2011

Brighten The Corner Where You Are ...

Well It's been well near or over 6 weeks since I last posted ..and although the old addage goes .."How Time Flies" ..that doesn't actually apply for me.

Time has not flown .. but just moved through it's normal every day routine .. I desperately needed a blog break ..and time to put life and home in order.

We can become so involved in the fun areas of our life ..such as blogging and reading blogs and many other outlets ..that then time does fly ... and every day life quickly gets forgotten a little bit each day ..until you realize you need to do some catching up in every day home life.

I'll share more about what Abbey and I have been doing this past 6 weeks in another post ..but for today I want to share a Beautiful and Inspiring Poem with you ..Please take the time to read it won't take you but maybe 30 or 45 second of your time ..and I'm sure like me it too will speak to your heart in a big way ..

Brighten The Corner Where You Are ... By: Helen Steiner Rice ..

We cannot all be famous Or be listed in "Who's Who,"But every person, great or small,Has important work to do.

For seldom do we realizeThe importance of small deeds, Or to what degree of greatness Unnoticed kindness leads.

For it's not the big celebrity In a world of fame and praise,But it's doing unpretentiously In an undistinguished way.

The work that God assigned to us, Unimportant as it seems, That makes our task outstanding, And brings reality to dreams.

So do not sit and idly wish For wider, new dimensions where you can put into practice,Your many good intentions.

But at the spot God placed you Begin at once to do, Little things to brighten up The lives surrounding you.

If everybody brightened up The spot where their standing, By being more considerate, And a little less demanding.

This dark old world would very soon Eclipse the evening star,If everybody brightened upThe corner where they are!



  1. Oh, Sara....what a perfect poem for me to find today! These past few weeks I have put a few things on the backburner, so to have time to tend to the hearts of several dear friends. In doing so, I found myself right where I was supposed to be.

    Thank you!

  2. How befitting in today's time and something I very much needed to read today! Thank you for sharing that poem. My mom loved Helen Steiner Rice's works and often added them to birthday cards, letters, etc.

    Have a blessed weekend. :)

  3. Hi Sara,
    Talk about putting things in perspective...that was a good read. I've been thinking about you lately and was about to email you to check in and see how you guys were doing. Glad to hear you've been ok and just getting back to the needs at home. I've done the same but I'm still not caught up! Ha-ha! Now it's time to get ready for the next show. I look forward to seeing you guys there. It would be nice to hang out sometime other than a show. ;).
    Big, Huge Blessings,


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