Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sneek Peek at what's to come this weekend ...

If you love Snowmen and Snowladies ...

Then you have come to the right place !!!

This weekend ...These Sweeties will be headed to my shops ..
I had a snowpeople photo shoot today ..and well I must say they know how to work the snoway ...!!!

I love snowmen and ladies ...I'm always looking for a new twist on how to make and embellish them. Of course I love all the new designs I have come up with ,,but my ultimate favorite out of these "Madame ChOcOlAte" She is so suave with her cup of cocoa topped in marshmallows. And of course Chocolate being a girls "best friend" you can't help but love her !!!

Stay Tuned and I will be posting where each of these gentlemen and ladies are available ...

Hope you are all having a Beautiful week. I here it's cold and windy in the upper north east ..It's actually cold and windy here today ..which I am loving. Anytime I can grab a blanket and wrap up ..listen to the wind blow the trees ...and that nip on my nose is apparent ..It gives me that warm cozy feeling ..

Here's to keeping warm and cozy for all those out there having a chilly day !!!

Blessings your Kindred Friend ...Sara

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