Monday, March 1, 2010

A taste of Goodness !!!

Hi there Blogerettes !!!

What's Cookin at your Place ???

Well if you know me by now know I'm a major chocoholic !!! Can't get enough of the stuff ever ..I think I might ...that is if I'm desperately ill in the head ..go without some form of chocolate 1 day out of an entire month ..but it is without a doubt a part of my daily diet.


I whipped up an old recipe that I found many years ago in an old cookbook I got yard saleing ...and it was just as delicious as I remember it from years back.

what's great is it's So Easy to make and actually doesn't consist of anything to bad for you ..a definite bonus !!!


Chocolat Fudge Pudding Cake ...

This is a piece from the dish of it I made ...along with a scoop of Hagen Dazs Vanilla Yogurt ...

This Pudding cake is so fun to make ...It starts off with a thick batter that you spread in a square bake dish ..then add liquid on top ..and as it cooks the cake rises and the liquid forms a fudgy pudding that sinks below ...Is your mouth watering yet ???

Well I'm going to share the recipe with you ..because a girl has to have her chocolate ...below I have pictured the original recipe sheet and a close up of the recipe ...

( click on the picture for larger image and save if you like )
Now I know it says ..." SOFTASILK CAKE FLOUR" ... its an old recipe ..just use your normal everyday flour ..and sift the ingredients as it directs. ... That's how I do mine.

It's simple ...It's Easy.... It's Quick ..when your needin a little chocolate fix ..and it's fairly light on the hips ..

Well let me know if you make it ..and if you like it ...

Happy March !!!


  1. Hey Sara,
    That looks YUMMY! I wouldn't have thought to put brown sugar in a chocolate recipe! This one I must try!


  2. This looks fabulous and I love this type of cake. Many thanks for the recipe, think I'll try this tomorrow or for Thursday's Quilting Bee.

  3. This looks sooooo yummy!!!!! Thanks so much for the recipe.... I'll try it soon.

  4. Hi Sara would please go to my blog I have a something for you!!
    Prim Blessings


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