Wednesday, March 3, 2010

White Wednesday ....and almost 100 Followers

It's a Beautiful White Wednesday here at Sweet Magnolias Farm ...

Today I have been working on some New Farmhouse Romance Laundry Room Items ...The first of which I finished ..

This Sweet Farmhouse Romance Clothespin Basket ...

We recently aquired some tiny Galvenized tubs ..which I have covered in some of our recent Antique Lace and finds and embellished with a few Rhinestone Jewelry finds ...

I filled the basket with Shredded vintage book page paper and Antique Clothespins ..

I added a wonderful braided wire basket handle ...and it's ready to add to the laundry or bathroom for a little Farmhouse Perfection ...

I will be making these for our Site and Etsy ...and will be taking a few of them to the Show we are doing in Fallbrook, CA on March 19th ..Read more about in on my sidebar.

Well I truly can't believe I'm almost to a 100 followers's been a long time coming ..and I am truly touched that I have so many that frequent my blog. In Blogger Fashion ..I plan to celebrate as soon as that #100 comes along with a Free Giveaway ... I'm trying to decide what ....but it's sure to be something wonderful ...Keep checking back ...It could be any day now ....

Wishing you all a Beautiful and Lovely White Wednesday !!!

Yours Truly ...Sara


  1. I do have 2 blogs, maybe I can add my other blog so we can get to 100 tonight! lol Congratulations and Happy White Wednesday. Ciao Rita

  2. Congrats on almost 100 followers!! I love your clothespin basket, it's soooooo cute!! Thanks so much for stopping by our blog, my partner Lynda does the jewelry, I know she would love to show how she makes it, and I'll let you know when she does. Blessings...Daphne

  3. I am your 100th!!!!
    Thanks to Rita.
    Can't wait to meet you
    at Chateau De Fleurs.
    I am a vendor there as well.
    Congrats and what a beautiful blog!!!

  4. that is soooooo gorgeous!!! you are sooo talented!!!

  5. Sara ~
    I love your clothespin basket ~ it is so very sweet !! Congratulations on your 100 followers and more to come soon !!

  6. Congrates on your 100th follower! Isn't blogland wonderful!!! Hope to see you in Fallbrook at the sale! I live in Murrieta!


  7. Happy 100! I'm sure it will be 200 very soon.
    Love the basket!!
    Have a great weekend,


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