Thursday, February 18, 2010

This Weeks Estate Sale Finds ...

Remember my Lucky Penny earlier this week ????

I think it's a long lasting one ...LOL !!!

Today we had several estate sales lined up to hit ...the first one I found a few things ...but the second one ...I just about fell over when I walked in one of the bedrooms after the sale had been open for 30 minutes and found all this wonderful lace and linens my amazement.

I couldn't believe no one had touched it ...then I remembered my Lucky Penny earlier this week ...and figured God's Blessing was still pouring out on me ..I must admit it feels rather good ..because I have my days like I'm sure many of you when I feel rather unworthy of God's blessings.

So here's some picts of my Blessings..

The long piece to the right is a slip ..and Oh is it cute ...if I were only the size I "USED" to be ..I'd be wearing it proudly ..But since i'm not ..well it's going to become somthing else ...LOL !!! and are those lace butterfly appliques just not the sweetest ..I can't wait till Abbs or I figure out what to add those too !!!

The Lace hankies are just Gorgeous ..those I will leave as they are and will get them washed and pictures taken and make them available for purchase...they are far to pretty to cut up !!!

This set of 4 flower frogs ..I feel in love with ..with spring just around the corner they are coming into season once again ..and of all things they are in 4 descending sizes from Small to large when they are stacked they are so wonderful ...I love using the old frogs to hold old ephemera and photos ...Don't they look so perfect this way ...!!! I found these at the first sale we hit this morning much fun !!! These I will be listing in our Etsy store this evening.

This needlepoint stool I just love ..I missed out on another one some other lucky gal got it ..but I look at it this way we both got to go home with a lovely treat.

This is the top's in a chocolate brown with a pink, blue and light heather flower and leaves ...just scrumptious ..!!!

Lastly ...I picked up this set of old pyrex refrigerator dishes ...This pattern is "Amish Butterprint" . I don't know about all of you ..but glass is the best way to keep left overs ..hands down over plastic. I do admit we use tupperware here at the farm sometimes it's what works ..but we do keep the plastic to a minimum and try to stick with glass not only is healthier but it sure keeps the food well and the bonus is when you open your frig door ..there's style inside ..!!!

I'm headed over to Etsy just as soon a I finish here and will be listing ..The Frogs, The needlepoint Stool and the Pyrex Refirgerator Dishes.


Well I picked up several other goodies today ...a whole bunch of antique garden tools ..which I hope to get picts of tomorrow ...and get them listed on our website ...Plus I will be listing several new offerings on our site in the next few days ...Pieces I picked up on Monday when we went antiquing ...

And can you believe it ...there's another Estate Sale starting tomorrow morning ..will I be there ??? You can count on it ...I have Estate Sale addiction ...and my Truck knows just where to turn ...LOL !!!

Hope this day finds all of my Kindred Friends doing well and with a smile on your face and in your heart !

Blessings ...Sara


  1. Wow, what wonderful things you found!!! I love the lace, it's gorgeous... and the little neddle point stool is soooooo cute!! Oh, and what fun, you get to go to another sale in the morning. I hope you'll be lucky again and find alot of treasures... Have a wonderful day.

  2. SisterSara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oooooh I'm droolin at all your sweet linens!! ARE THEY NOT PRISTINE?!!
    SO WHITE! MYGOODNESS. I'd have a hard time tea staining them.

    Guess what? Today, I found a new flower frog too at thee antique shop. I use them the same way you do!!! COOLBEANS!

    Hope all is well there.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. OH my goodness!!! You lucky girl!! All that gorgeous, yummy lace!! And those flower frogs- love those!

  4. oh I so CANNOT BREATHE!!!!
    Girl...these beautiful linens took my breath away! What an awesome day at the estate sale!!!
    I love it when that happens ;)
    I'm so happy these have a wonderful home with you now.
    (but I'm jealous!) tee hee!


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