Friday, February 12, 2010

A Beautiful Day !!!

Today as I sat here at my computer ..reading the headlines of all the snow falling across the south and about the snow that those of you in the east are still digging out at ..I looked out the back windows ..and thought of what a Beautiful Day it was here ..and thought it would be nice to share some of God's Beauty here in our part of the west.

And of course I know so many of my friends that live in the east have spring fever ..they are just waiting for the cold and snowy days to pass and for spring to roll around. Well our spring isn't quite like those of you across the nation as we are in an arid climate we are very limited to what will grow ..but Geraniums are a given in this area and we do have a few that grace the outdoors....

This Red Beauty planted just outside the window in our antique grocery cart ...It is growing heartily from the rain we have had over the last few weeks and has 2 stems growing tall with gorgeous blooms upon them.

This Beautiful Greenery I don't know the name of ..but it's a micro vine ..that is planted also in the grocery cart ..within the sides of it ..and grows out lush like a green blanket...

Here is one of the first buds on our David Austen Rose Bush ...Isn't it just lovely !

God's handiwork is truly amazing think of all it takes for this beauty to grow just awe inspiring !

This Pink Beauty ..we have planted in an old pot and it sits in an old folk art shabby chippy white table that was handmade ..... I love the look of them together ..

Alysum grows beautifully in our climate and thrives ...and it has to be one of my favorites ..the flower heads smell of honey ...a lovely fragrance ..that truly touches the senses.

My Maggie Girl ...followed me outside today and decided that she'd do a little sunbathing. She's such a sweetheart. I've had Maggie since she was just 6 weeks in age and actually picked her out ..or should I say she picked me out ..when she was just 3 weeks old. I was able to visit the litter at 3 weeks of age ..I sat in an enclosed area with all the puppies and didn't encourage them to come to me but sat quietly ..I waited for about 30 minutes to see which puppy approached me most often ...and Maggie was the one. She has truly been an amazing companion ..and the joy of my heart. Maggie will be 14 yrs old in March. She's such a happy dog, always has been ..I always say the day God was handing out happy Maggie got it all ..!!! Maggie is ridden with fatty tumors on her body ..and has severe arthritis ..which we treat with adequine ..a shot form of glucosamine ..she has responded beautifully and even ventures up the stairs a few times a month. This week I found little blood spots tracked through the house ....I tracked them right to her ..and her back paw ..was bloody up inside between her webbed foot. It was swolen and weepy. I've been treating it with warm water baths ..Betadine flushes ..and then packed it each evening with antibiotic cream and put a sock on her paw. Her paw is looking so much better today ..and she's quit trying to chew it. So good signs she's healing up. I'm glad she's getting better for her own comfort. I always think how hard it must be for animals unable to communicate their aches and pains ..and at the mercy of their cartakers to be aware of their needs. If you have a pet ..or pets sure to give them a big hug ..and make sure to always look them over and watch them for signs of ailments that they need your help with. They so depend on us !

This sweet scene is in our backyard ..and old glass panel door makes the backdrop with antique wire hanging baskets filled with geraniums old wood bench painted in white and aqua stripes and a lucious fern ..over growing it's pot from all the rain we have had. The rain really has brought out the beauty of our landscape.

Lastly this is our Sweet Scout ... named after "Scout" the baby from the show Evening shade that was aired in the 90's. Our Scout will be 16 years of age in March .. Yep both our girls were born in march. Scout is our little miracle ..she was given to us free as a gift ...and from the day we received her she was ridden with health problems .. I know your saying Nice gift ! Actually we were so very thankful that of all the puppies we recieved that we got Scout ..we were told from day 1 by Vets that most people would have immediately put her down she would have been seen as a problem and a big Cost to the budget. No doubt she has cost a lot ...and we quit counting long ago ..but she's been worth every penny. She's such a sweetheart and a joy. She has doggie dimensia now. Even though she is a house dog ..she prefers to be outdoors in the sunshine from the time the sunrises till the time it goes down. When the night comes she asks to come in ..has her dinner and then continues to go to the back door and asks to go out until we go to bed. We open the door she looks out smells the air looks around and then lays down in her bed ... that's the routine for 4 hours every evening ..we finally realized she's looking for the sunshine. In fact the sun is jus now going behind the coastal mountains ..and she's headed for the door. She's like a clock ..LOL !! We will cherish her and Maggie for as long as they are to be with us ..God Gave us 2 wonderful creatures ..that have brought such Joy and Love into our lives which we are ever so thankful for.

Well I hope you have enjoyed our Beautiful Day ..and have enjoyed our western blooms.

May Spring come your way ever so soon!

Blessings ..your Kindred Friend ...Sara


  1. What beautiful pictures, it does remind me of spring time, but I am enjoying all the snow. We don't get much snow here in Texas. I love reading about your 2 adorable dogs, I'm so glad they have someone so wonderful to take care of them, and you feel so blessed to have them, I love animals,as I'm sure you can tell, I have 4 dogs myself and they are just precious, and very spoiled. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. oh, your back porch is just gorgeous!!! and love your babies...Have a wonderful Valentines Day


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