Friday, February 26, 2010

His Grace is Sufficient....

What a Week .....

You know ...when there are weeks like this week ..I really don't know how I would function without the Lord. I Struggle through my days even with him so what would it be like without him ..I don't even want to go in that direction.

The above picture is just what I need ...Is what God is giving Me ...and is what I am thankful for this week.

As many of my blog friends know ..I'm a single gal that shares a home with my parents . We are all three the best of friends beyond our Mother /Daugher and Father/Daughter relationship and have always been. I have found in life that it is more than a blessing to have such a close relationship with my parents I know so many including my own parents that had very rocky relationships with their parents. I guess our relationship is sort of like a marriage ..we wake up every morning to see each other at our worst and best moment ..worst and best moods ...and are there to lift each other up when times are down and there to laugh and enjoy each other when times are full of happy moments. Oh we get on each other's nerves...we've hurt each others feelings ...and we've even barked a time or two at one another ...but in it all ..we have Loved each other ever so dearly ..we hold each other with kit gloves knowing that our lives are so close and so precious to the other ..that we would never intentionally hurt one another. All that to say ...that my parents are ever so dear and precious to me and when their life is rocked so is mine.

Last week my Dad had a routine check-up with his Heart Dr.. Three Years ago at the age of 59 he had to have a triple bi-pass ...then just over a years ago he had to have carotid artery surgery. So at his check-up last week ...the Dr. showed some cocerns with the same carotid artery ...he had tests done this wednesday and we were called to the Dr.s immediately yesterday. In his first surgery he had a 70% blockage they supposedly fixed just a year later it's showing a 90% blockage in the same artery. It's rather mind boggling if you knew the massive changes my dad has made to his lifestyle and eating . All his tests for cholesterol, blood pressure and such come back with such amazingly good number ..the nurses have asked us what did you all do to change. He's the stellar patient ..that has tried to change everything for the better in his life and has actually stuck with it. All it took was his bi-pass to go through such a horrendous surgery and recovery know that he NEVER wanted to go that route again.

Well now we are awaiting a call from a vascular surgeon to see where we go from here. It seems for several years now ...his health has been an issue and just about the time that we feel like we are recovering from one thing ..another seems to hit....and that is without a doubt where we need God's Grace more than ever to get us through this next hurdle. He's brought us through all the rest and I know he will bring us through this one. Not just a couple days before Dad had to take the tests ..he was given a scripture in Deutoronomy that Promised him God would see him through. So we are standing firm on that Promise ..knowing that God will see us through.

His Grace is Sufficient !!!

May God Bless you and Keep you my Friends ..and May his Grace also be upon you !



  1. Praise the Lord that He has allowed us to come to Him freely for comfort, for rest, for peace, for hope! Praying for you and your Dad.


  2. I am praying wonderful you are so close to your parents.....mine have been home with the Lord for some time and I miss them both.....May the Lord give the doctors the wisdom to know what to do.....and healing to your dad...its rough, I know...hang in there

  3. Thinking of you all Sara.
    Just wanted to drop in and see how yall are doing...
    Love ya

  4. Sara,
    I just clicked over to Shelleys at Sit A Spell after visiting your blog. I saw that yall have met... and wanted to tell you I "just noticed" your WORD in one of her pictures. Go back to that windsor tea room and see if you see it.

    Hugs Lea


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