Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day from Sweet Magnolias Farm

Happy Valentines Day From Sweet Magnolias Farm

Today will be another quiet day here at the farmhouse ..just as those that have passed before it. A day filled with Love and kindness for our family and our friends. Yes there may even be a little chocolate eating here at the farm ...but that's generally an everyday occurence around here ...LOL !!! As many who know me ...know I'm pretty much a chocoholic ..and I love Dark Chocolate ..Loved it long before I knew it was healthy for me. Now it's a great excuse to have a piece each day ...!!!


For those of you that find themselves single chance or by choice this Valentines Day ..remember ....your true beloved ...our sweet Jesus ..pours out his love on you each day. Today being no exception. He sends you flowers in the blooms that come in spring which he prepares the earth for with snow and cold and rain that the bouquets you will receive in spring will be like none other that you could be given ...He sends you sweets the form of blessings from above ..those beautiful things that happen that make your heart sing ..and he is the cupid of all cupids ..he's pointed his arrow at you and me ..and each one of us ..and made us his dear sweethearts if we only will have him. So if you find yourself alone ..or single ..and feeling awkward on this Holiday dedicated to Lovers ..Remember you have a Beloved that Loves you more than any other ...Relish in that !!! I'm a single gal ..and I know who my Beloved is.


Your Kindred Friend ..Sara


The Blessings of the Lord be upon You. Psalm 129:8

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Many Happy Returns of the Day ..Sara of Sweet Magnolia's Farm