Monday, July 12, 2010

Stormy Weather ..Garden of Rust ..and the Urban Barn ..

A little Stormy Weather passed our way yesterday and only if it would have stayed ..I would have been thrilled ..

However I was so thankful for the "Suprise" little storm that passed over us ...

The wind picked up and the clouds rolled in and it stopped for about an hour and rained off and on ...

The Lake looked Beautiful with all the drops falling in ...

And the Flowers couldn't have been more thankful either ...


On another note I have been preparing for the Urban Barn Show this coming Friday and Saturday ...I must admit I haven't gotten all I had hoped for finished ..My feet really set me back ..those injections I got ...well they didn't work and actually made my feet worse ..I am still hobbling on one foot as I can't put any pressure on the heel at all now. What's a girl to do !!!

Well I'll tell you what a girl does ...she puts her Big Girl Panties on and deals with it and makes the best of a bad and painful situation...LoL !!

I'm not giving up ..just having to slow down a bit ...which means some things I just couldn't get done for this show ..but that doesn't mean I won't have a great variety of offerings that are still wonderful ...

The one thing I was able to do ..because it allowed me to sit for long periods of time ..was to get some Great Garden Signs made up ..I always say Garden Signs ..but they can actually be used indoors as well. ...One of the gals Sherry that bought my Bird Bath sign ..hung it in her bedroom ..I'm sure it's just stunning !!!
I thought I'd give you a sneek peek at one of the signs I have been working on the last day ...I kind of went off the edge with this one ...and went with a French Saying that Abbey and I loved ...

Jardin de Rouille ... (Garden of Rust) .... gotta love that ...with all those old motel chairs ..rusty garden flowers and wonderful architectural finds adding charm to our gardens ..that could not describe a Vintage garden any better....

Of course I'm not the best at taking pictures the picture above just doesn't do it justice ..but if your headed to the show'll get to see it in person...

I Love adding and embellishing the signs I do ..making every one a one of a kind ...this one has old rustic hardward pieces added to it ..with hinges and chain that it hangs from ....

Of course ...I always use reclaimed lumber ...this piece is great good and wide ..nice and long and rustic, chippy white paint to top it all off ...

Be sure and come visit us this weekend ..Friday and Saturday ...

At The

Escondido, CA
155 W. Crest

Read more about it in my sidebar

See you there ....


  1. Sara, I'm so sorry that your feet aren't any better, I can't imagine how hard it must be, but girl, you've got a great attitude! I hope the doctors can do something to help you. LOVE your "garden signs" what a great idea, garden of rust. I think a lot of us have one!!!

  2. Hey Sara!

    Thanks for stopping in ~ yes, what a great blog she has. I've been sidetracked over there for hours this morning! :)

    We are doing okay, just busy like lots of folks this summer with the garden,and other outdoor pursuits. We have the garden/tool shed almost finished, with the exception of one piece of soffit, some trim, and gutters.

    Hubby is doing great! He just changed jobs again, working for a very large, stable general contractor. I am finishing up my last "classroom" class (evenings) by early next week, so will be glad to have that behind me.

    Read about your troubles with your web site. I'm so sorry it has been such a headache for you ~ it always looked so beautiful when I visited.

    Hope you and the family are doing well!



  3. Your foot sounds so painful! Oh bless your little heart!
    Sara I adore your signs!
    Jardin de Rouille ... ROCKS!
    Beautiful RUSTY, AND CRUSTY... just the way we like it!

  4. Hi Sara and Abbey!
    Sorry about your feet.
    How cool that it rained for you.

    I barely have done a thing for this show myself. Oh well, come with what I have and call it a day.

    Much love and see you tomorrow at the setup!



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