Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A little Tattered, a Little Worn ..

It's a Beautiful Wednesday ..a Beautiful "White Wednesday"...

At our last show in June at the Chateau De Fleurs ..Abbey and I offered for the first time our Farmhouse Romance Aprons ...

This one was one of my favorites...

The Gal that bought this one perfectly titled it "Gypsy" ..and I couldn't agree more definetely has that Gypsy style and appeal.

I'm going to be making more of this style seemed to be the one people were most drawn too ..although I think all of our designs were loved.

I Love working with old lace..vintage trims..and vintage facrics. Texture and design really touches me to my inner core. And what comes out when I'm making my OOAK designs my true being .." A Little Tattered and A Little Worn"

That describes me Beautifully !!

I can remember from the time I was little being a "Tom Girl" ..I loved to make mud pies ...and even early on ...I tried breaking out and making a window in our barn the mere age of 9 or 10 ( not sure exactly) I guess all this creating was there early on and just not recognized.
In the 80's when acid wash Jeans came out and they were strewn with patches and holes ..who Loved them ..."ME" ... I can remember my parents scratching there heads at why I would love old torn up clothing ..and ask them to pay good hard earned money for it ...LOL !! However they indulged my desires and I did get a few pairs and I Loved them !!!

My Niece who is now I believe 13 ..came over the other day with my Sis (her mom) ..and had her torn up jeans on ...I see nothing has changed in the design world too much other than they weren't acid wash but stone washed I'm guessing ....

Tattered and Worn a perfect description of me inside and out ..No perfection High Maintenance ...Just Naturally what God Made me. Working out every day ..who I am ..where I am headed ...and giving my hands and my heart to him who created me to create what He places in me.

This week ..I'm a bit scattered ...I have 3 work stations set up ...One Jewelry ..One for Signs and the other For Totes and Purses ..I seem to be bouncing all around. Yesterday I made a tote and a purse ...Very similar to the Aprons we are making ..and I will be offering them at our next show at the Urban Barn ..July 16th- 18th ..( see sidebar for info) ..

Remember to be who you are and not who you think the world wants you to be. Be true to what you love ...and what flows out of your soul.

I hope you enjoy a Tattered and Worn ...White Wednesday ...

Blessing s.....Sara


  1. its gorgeous!!! as are all your treasures, can't wait to see your purses!

  2. wow that is really beautiful! I think sometimes that is hard to remember, to be yourself. But I always manage to do what I love even though my friends think I'm a little weird!

  3. Hi Sara, This is so gorgeous, love all the tattered bits of lace... Gypsy is a great name!
    Thanks for the heads up on the earthquake.. My Mom lives down that way... Hope your nerves are unrattled!

  4. I looove your fabulous apron, I can hardly wait to see more! Simply beautiful!Sorry to hear about the earthquake, I'd be shaking in my boots, I hate them and we certianly don't have them like YOU do! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs


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