Friday, July 2, 2010

Inspired Debra of Common Ground

Lately I have been reading on alot of blogs many people are being inspired by fellow bloggers. And last weekend Christie Repasy and I were talking about how Blogs had become more inspiring to us than most magazines.

The blogging world is an awesome place ..full of great people ..creative people and it's become a way to make friends ..that are 100's if not thousands of miles away.

If your like me do a littlbe blog hopping every now and then looking for new blogs to pour over and enjoy ...

Last month I happened on Debra of Common Ground blog...I immediately connected with her when I saw she was from Springfield MO ..a place I once lived and that she was good friends with Melanie and Brian of Seedbox Antiques ...whom I met and knew when I lived there. This Blogging world really does make the world a small place doesn't it.

In Finding Debra's blog and following her posts she shared some pictures of her necklaces she creates with old key and vintage jewelry ..I was immediately inspired ..and went to my work room to start pulling all those wonderful needed supplies to start some of my own !!

Thank You Debra for Inspiring me !!!

The Key's led me down a whole new path to making jewelry I never thought I would be doing ..and I have immensly enjoyed it. As well my mind started reeling about what other odd finds could be re-purposed into jewelry ..and I came up with a few of which I will share with you today.

So I decided to take a few pictures of a few of my new creations to share with you all. A sort of sneek peek I am on a roll with these and will be offering them at our next show ..the Urban Barn in Escondido, CA this month ..July 16th-18th ..

So first up ....

This Antique Skeleton Key absolute favorite of mine now a wonderful Pendant ....I love how it turned out with the Lovely sparkling blue vintage jewelry pieces and the Bee is near to my heart I love to reflect nature in the pieces I make.


So here is where I diverted my thoughts into re-purposing came to me while sleeping one night ..seems to be when all my ideas come to me ..LOL ....

Old Hinges ...

This Old hinge ...Makes an awesome piece of Jewelry ..I love Love Love it ..Plus I mixed up my Chains for the necklace and it really adds that wonderfu vintage charm ...!!!

This was an old Butterfly Hinge ....with chippy rustic paint on it ...I added the birds which I am in love with ...and of course some vintage jewerly finds ..and a nice chunky vintage chain ..and it's perfection ..or so I think !!


Lastly another Skeleton Key I have finished up ..the color of the vintage finds on it are a favorite and match so very well a bracelet I just bought from Lisa Loria of Vintage Bling ...So It's going to be hard letting this one go ...

I mis-matched the chains for the necklace and even added an extra jewelry find mid way up it lays at the neck ....

Oh gosh I have a bunch more ..and I can't wait to share them at the show ...!


It's always nice to be inspired by someone else...sometimes we need that little push to take us in directions we never would go on our own or wouldn't think possible. It's a great way to stretch ..learn new things and new possibilities ..and find that our God Given Talents can flow over into many areas if we are willing to let him work through our minds and our hands.

No matter what your talent ...If we give our Minds and our hands to God and tell him they are his ...just give us the work to do and we will do it ...he will guide us and show us that we can do anything through him.

I am so blessed by him !!

If you've been inspired by someone lately ...let me know who by leaving a comment ..and if your up to it ..let that person know ...It always is a great feeling to know that you have inspired someone else.

Oh and pop over and visit Debra of Common Ground ..You'll love her blog and you'll love her !!!

P.S. If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces above can e-mail me at .. sweetmagnolias at Luckymail dot com.. don't forget to change the at and com for the right symbols ...LOL !!!...


  1. Oh My Gosh, Sara!!! What a wonderful surprise, and your designs are just gorgeous! Can't wait to see photos of them at your next show. You really came up with some beautiful designs! I know they will sell out.
    I just finished setting up a "Petite Boutique" to sell mine on my blog. Inspiration all around!
    Thank you so much for the shout out,
    love ya,

  2. ok, is there anything you cannot do!!!! they are gorgeous1!!!

  3. AMEN!

    Your jewelery is creative and lovely; well done!

  4. Well I just must say I have been inspired by you and your lovely words and jewelry... It is very lovely....Happy weekend wished for you.

  5. Sara - your jewelry pieces are all so wonderfully unique & GORGEOUS!
    I love them all!


  6. Sara I love your new line of jewelry and oh my I just adore the last one you is sooo gorgeous!!!


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