Sunday, August 21, 2016

My New Home Sweet Home Missouri ...

Well Hey Y'all ... I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday afternoon and evening ...

I'm still here .. just been super busy the last month and hadn't had a chance to get a post up.

And truth is I honestly kept forgetting my camera every time I went somewhere special. 

Well this week I finally remembered the camera ..


It's a beautiful day here in the Missouri Ozarks ...our new Home Sweet Home !


I thought I would share a little bit of the beauty on this Sunshiny and lovely day.

Yesterday evening we headed out to Lake Springfield boathouse and marina. Sounds like it was a long ways away doesn't it. 

It's a whopping 2 miles from where we are living and is pretty much smack dab next to the city here. 


It's funny we had driven by the entrance for Lake Springfield dozens of times and it's so unassuming that you don't think there's really much down that little 2 lane road .. well to our surprise it boasts far more than we imagined .. Beautiful Lakeside fishing with stunning views and vistas of the Ozarks.

 The 2 lane road is canopied in trees ...

 and last night the Sun was setting it set the trees on the opposite side of the lake on fire ... turning them to a beautiful golden autumn hue .. which they haven't even turned yet.

 The Views every which way you turn just grab your heart... you feel as though you've been enveloped into a setting of beauty that the eye is overwelmed by .. especially when you have come from the desert .. where shades of sand and dried brush are what you grow accustom to seeing.

 The Lake twists and turns .. the trees bow and bend .. and breeze carries the beautiful tune of nature on the leaves of the Pines, Oaks, Cedars and Maples...

 The water ripples gently while the beautiful marshes sway ...

 And these geese call this home .. well at least for a time until Old Man Winter comes knocking and blows a cool breeze to tell them it's time to move on to warmer parts of the land...

 The Deer graze here along the 2 lane country road .. eating away at the grass .. and cautiously watching onlookers .. last night we were blessed to see this momma and her doe .. last week.. the deer were grazing by the dozens on all the open meadows and hillsides .. it was simply stunning !

Twas' the end of our journey and the road leading out of the park ... the sun had fallen behind the trees and just gave the slightest glimpse of golden rays filtering down between the canopy of trees ..

It was beautiful and I look forward to going back and visiting the park.. Maybe one day a Canoe Ride .. or a walk on one of the Nature Trails.

For now though...

I hoope you enjoyed a little glimpse of the beautiful MO Ozarks  ... my new Home Sweet Missouri Home !



  1. Our last house was directly behind where you were. All you had to do was cross the street! LOVE seeing the beautiful photos, we would sometimes see over 20 deer on a weekend drive! (most of them loved to eat my hydrangeas!) XO

  2. Oh how beautiful, both your writing and the photos! I enjoyed a walk with you.

  3. I've visited your area many times as my sister lived there for many years. It is beautiful!
    Many blessings to you in your new home

  4. I remember MO summers being very muggy. Do they still have fireflies?

    1. Hi Rose .. Yes the summers from July through Mid to Late August are humid and hot .. only 6 to 8 weeks so that's not bad at all and I actually love the humidity in comparison to the dry heat of the desert. For me it's been a plus. And yes the do have fireflies .. loved seeing them this summer .. They were out in June and July then in beginning of August I stopped seeing them ..

  5. How beautiful and wonderful to have that so close to home. I would think it helps transition into your new home too!


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