Thursday, April 4, 2013

Garden Art .. Bicycles and Posies

As the warmth of spring bears down upon us all .. our hearts navigate to the outdoors .. where the rays of the sun warm our bodies and the beautiful blooms of God's handiwork Warms our hearts ...
Planting colorful flowers in the garden is not only good for the soul ..but it makes for a beautiful place to relax and enjoy..
I have always loved old bikes used as Garden Art  .. and here at the farmhouse we have a sweet old bike in it's original rusty and crusty blue paint that leans upon an old pine tree with a sweet wood bird feeder above. The birds use it to perch on during the day while taking turns at the feeder ..and I have always enjoyed it. Normally I would take a photo of it to share with you all ..however I must admit it's been neglected since winter began and it's really time for us to clean up the foliage and begin to re-plant ... but we just haven't had a moments time to get out there and spruce it all up .. ..
Bicycles make such great garden art.. especially for those who may have a small yard space .. being that they are long and thin .. it makes them easy to stand alone or lean against a tree or fence .. and create a fabulous backdrop for your garden ...
Any old bicycle will work even a newer one that you may find at a flea market, garage sale or even put an add on craigslist that you want an old rusty bicycle .. you would be surprised there's more out there than you realize  ...and if you find a bike that's not your taste in looks just paint it the color you desire and Voila .. you've got yourself  some lovely Garden art as these below ..

Be Still my heart with this Pink Sweetie .. I love the use of the wooden baskets on this bike ..and the Wildflowers blooming so heartily in them !  The Pink really gives such a dreamy feeling to this garden...

 And this Beauty all bathed in pristine white just stunning .. I love the use of the large round wire baskets ..and especially the watering can in front . Not only is this one Garden Art ..but such an amazing Garden Display ... !  

 And  I love Love Love this Red bike .. with the natural basket and Straw Hat ... So very Country and Farm Style .. such a true down home appeal to it.

Here Comes A whole Ray of Sunshine ... Now this bike just makes your heart scream out and sing ... It Says' Happy all over it ! Yellow really gives off a lot of positive energy ...
Vintage Bikes as Garden Art .. Just another way to make your garden and those who enter it smile ! And as you can see .. Any color looks amazing ..and really sets the mood and tone of the garden consider what feeling you want your garden to express.
A few tips on adding Baskets .. if you can't find actual bike baskets .. as you see in these photos .. any basket will do .... even old crates or buckets can be used.  I have found that wiring or using zip ties or even twist ties work well to hold the baskets onto the bike.
Also when planting your baskets, if they have a lot of holes in them be sure to add plenty of Moss to the inside, ... This will help to secure the soil and hold in moisture ...and you also will need to water more often if you live in a drier climate like we do.
And always when buying your flowers consider where your bike is going to be placed in the garden and how much full sun it gets. You want to be sure to buy the right flowers for the right setting be it shade, partial shade, full sun or partial sun .. ..
Happy Gardening to all of you .. May your Gardens Be Cheery and Bright ..a place to make your Heart Sing and Your Soul Calm ..

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  1. Beautiful! Love Love them all...and I want them all.

  2. Theres something about bikes like that... I love these! :D



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