Monday, November 1, 2010

Celebrating 25lbs and Counting !

Yes the picture below is of the Dreaded Scale ...the one that tells you the Truth even when you don't want to know it. It's just blantently honest with you ...and it pretty much keeps track of your eating habits without ever having to keep an eye on you.....LOL !!!

I think it's been about 3 months now ....Abbey decided after seeing a picture of herself that it was time to get some weight off ...and I reluctantly agreed after seeing myself as well.

She had a lot more determination right from the get go than I did ....but by the 2nd week I was right there with her.

Last April that is April of 09 ...I went through a little rough spot in life ...and food and I became friends ...Abbey got me through each day and through my days of emotional eating ..Abb trucked right along and ate with me. You know it's always fun to eat together ...LOL !!!

Well I'm doing better now ..I got through my little rough spot ..but through it all that emotional eating ..put the lbs on both of us it slowly comes on ..a little pudge here a little roll there ...and before you know it the clothes don't fit right ..or not at all ...and still that didn't seem to do it for me ..I felt bad and well I ate ...and pretty much quit all physical activity too. Not too mention that I was a runner and just 6 months prior to my little rough spot I had to give it up due to Plantar Fascitis my activity went from running a few to five miles a day down to nothing . So combine the 2 negatives and well you get quite a rise in weight.

Being so Blessed to have two loving parents to share my life with ...they saw me through my little rough spot ...and took such great care of me. And Abbey made the perfect decision at the perfect time to decide it was time to lose weight. I'm sure I wouldn't have done a thing if it hadn't been for her !

Abbey's not the type that weighs herself ..she's not a numbers girl ..that actually works in a negative way on her mind she loses weight by how her clothes fit or don't fit because they have gotten to large on her. I'm not big on weighing in ...but it doesn't effect me negatively I did get my starting weight ..However I'm not the type that runs to the scale every day to check if I lost anything ..since our decision to lose weight I think I have weighed in maybe 3 or 4 times.

So out of curiosity this last week ..we had some vintage scales we bought and I tried them out ..I was suprised, shocked and elated to see that I had dropped 25lbs just about 3 months time (yes they were correct I double checked them with our new ones). I knew I had lost weight as I had dropped 2 sizes in clothes ..but didn't equate that with 25lbs in my head.

Abbey's dropped the same ..a little over 2 sizes in her clothes so I'm sure she's right on target in Lbs with me or ahead of me..

We really haven't done some special diet or went and worked out everyday ...nothing like that. Basicly we cut Sweets out. We love ice cream ..cookies ..cake ..etc ..and of course we liked bread and so on get the picture ..not that we ate any ot it in large quantities I just think we ate them more often than needed for the not so active lifestyle we were leading. We really never drank much soda ...but the little we did ...Gone... and so on with other things ..! We instilled a diet higher in protein and lower in Carbs. We didn't go by any book or go on any specially designed diet ... we haven't limited ourselves to no carbs ..we just try to keep them at or around a 100 a day or less and it's worked beautifully. We haven't given up sweet's ...we've had a couple treats along the way in moderation ...and both of us being chocoholics ..keep some Dark Chocolate Ghiradelli chips in the freezer and during the day if we need a little fix ..we grab a "FEW" ..and it really helps with the desire for chocolate and it's actually a healthy choice.

We're both far more satisfied with a higher protein diet ..which we knew all along but just got caught up in my little rough moment of.... gee lets have a sundae and Sara will feel better ..and you know what I did ...sometimes a sundae does make a girl feel better ...But there comes a point you have to put your Big Girl Panties on..and you don't like the way they fit ..and you want your little Girl panties back ...ROFL !!!

I still want to lose another 10 to 15lbs ..which will put me back in lbs to when I was running full time. I never thought I would get back to that weight controlling my diet ..I honestly thought I would have to run again to do it ..and knowing that's not a possibility still I was a little upset by it ..but now seeing the 25lb loss this week ...I now it's possible ..and all by diet only ..

So if you've been a rut ..and your wanting out of it ...well don't think it impossible because it's not ...just start somewhere and if you keep with it'll happen the lbs well fall off even when you think they won't... Be Patient and have long endurance mentality because that's what it takes.

Oh and by the way can't play the age card either ...Because Abbeys 27 yrs older than I ...she's in her 60's ..and she thought that her weight loss would not happen as in her younger years..she figured on a long timely struggle ..and that just hasn't been so ..she's equaled my weight loss !!! So it doesn't matter what your age is ..if you set your mind to it can do it too !!!



  1. **********CONGRATULATIONS**********



  2. Hi Sara & Abbey, We stopped in at Treasures & Junk on Sunday. And we had a chance to check out your booths. They looked wonderful! A lady was even taken pictures of your space. Good job girls!! See ya'll next Friday! Ray & Julian

  3. Congradulations, I know how it feels to loose weight, I lost 70 pounds from weight wathers and life has been good for me a thinner person. Good Lucks, HUGS MARY

  4. oh, do I want to loose weight!!! more than anything!!! is so hard and frustrating and....eeeekkkk makes me so mad, its like everday, I try, but not hard enough!!! but tomorrows a new day!

  5. Oh Sara, I truly commend you both on your willpower that's something I really lack.

    And yes, yes, YES, I do want my little girl panties back! lol

  6. I needed this post to get back on track! Big struggle for me but I CAN do it! Thanks Sara!!

  7. Great job! Keep up the good work! I've struggle with my weight all my life, but I try hard to eat right most of the time!

  8. Congrats to both of u. I have been doing the same. I walk and cut the portions in half. Yes it does work! I lost twenty lbs. but it does take time. This is the only real way to lose and keep off. ~JUDY~


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