Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Flex your Political Muscle !!!

Today is it ....If you haven't Voted Early ...then get out and get to your local polling place today and cast your vote !!!

Voting is a Right and a Privledge that our forefathers fought for us ..Men and Women alike !

We can have every excuse in the book not to vote ..that we are disullisioned, dissapointed, that our vote won't make a difference, that there's not a person we like or think is qualified ..etc. etc. ...However the reality is this ... All your thoughts might be accurate and valid ...But the real truth of the matter is .....you have a duty to your country to vote for the Man or Woman that is best qualified Morally first of all and foremost for the job ..Finding out the issues they do and don't support will give you the Moral ground they stand on ! Their may be some issues you don't agree with in candidates of any party ...But in the end there should be one that we come to a decision on that best represents what we believe in as an individual and will benefit the country and our fellow citizens and our future.

Take the time to Vote today ..And pay tribute to our Freedom that was fought for and won by our forefathers ....Flex your Political Muscle and and use the Right you have to make a difference ..!!! If we all thought our one vote wouldn't count ..then where would our country be .. ??? On the Road to Socialism .. ...where our choices are made for us ... On the Road to ..Communism ...where we have NO choice at all ..When we stop caring as individuals ...we have given up our freedoms ... and we have spit in the face of our forefathers that founded a Country Based on GOD ..MORALITY...FREEDOM AND EQUALITY !!!

Your Vote Counts .....Even if it doesn't put the candidate you have chosen in office ..Because you used your Freedom ..your Right and have stepped out and kept America's Democracy Moving into the future !

I will end with leaving this link to an awesome You Tube Clip of Ronald Regan Generally talking about what Socialized Health Care Means to Americans .. Just Click on His photograph to watch ...



  1. I did go and vote today, and I hope things turn around for our Country... it's been a bit scary with all that's going on! I wanted to thank you for stopping by and visiting my White Wednesday post and for your sweet comments. I always love your visit's Blessings~~~ Daphne

  2. Happy to say I voted also! Still praying about a couple of races that have yet to be decided...and that we will turn back to Jesus in our great land!

  3. AMEN! I voted and for the first time in 30 years, the regional Democrat Congressional rep was voted OUT!

  4. AMEN and I voted! Thank God for younger, you Sara, Godly women. Be an example to even younger women and a testimony to His grace.

  5. Hello! I realy love your blog! I love your nice photos! I came back soon! Have a nice weekend! Hugs Nina


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