Friday, October 29, 2010

Sale Day Finds ..AND ....Just listed on Etsy ...

I don't give up and I'm not a quitter ...and even when I'm tired ...I just keep pushing ..LOL !!!

What a Busy day it's been ..did I mention the word "REST" in my last post ...???

Well just wipe that word away ...

Abbey and I had every intention of getting up today having a restful morning and then getting the house back in order know how that goes ...when the option of shopping is given's such a hard choice now isn't it. LOL !!!

Well we chose do I even need to say ...Yes shopping ..we headed out to hit the local garage sales ..and drove for about 20 minutes and found NADA ...when on the way home we happened on one lone sale that didn't look like much and Abbey said go on and I said well I think I'm going to stop and just see ..So we did ...about 3 hours later yes 3 we came home ..with a back seat full of ...should I say it o.k. you twisted my arm ... Antique and Vintage Lace ...3 antique violin cases, an antique floor lamp ...a vintage night table ..and well some other stuff too !

Of course the Lace was my favorite ..I mean oodles of it if I don't have enough ..should enough really be in an antiquers vocabulary anyhow ..I mean really where do we stop with collections anyhow ? They say to decorate in odd #s 3's 5's 7's etc ....just about the time we think we might end a collection we realize we are in the evens and just need 1 more to make it odd right ..and then what happens we go out on our search for the 1 perfect piece to finish out the collection and we find 2 ..making us even again so that we have to plan another trip to get that next odd numbered piece ...ROFL !!!! Well that's how I feel about lace ..just when I think I've packed another drawer full and that's the end I find some more and well a girl just can't walk away can she ? Isn't that somewhere in the Antique Book of Mortal Sins ...!

Anyhow ...with all the excitement somewhere I found some energy I didn't have when I rolled out of bed this morning ...I had that great find energy ....Well that was until we returned home and all the cleaning was staring me in the face ...and somehow I felt tired again ...LOL !!! No we got some cleaning done ...

So here's a few fun pictures to share with you of our finds this morning

Really why is it I love lace ...? I 'm not sure how to put it in words ...I just know it makes my tummy tumble inside ...and I love to look at it ...

I was telling Abbey today ...that I remember as a child when she took me to Jessica McClintocks store when I was a little girl ... they had lace and yardage for sale way back when well as when we went to Fabric King ..I wanted to stay in those stores and not leave ...I loved all the rolls of ribbon and lace and bolts of yardage ..I loved hearing the scissors cut through the fabric and click along the cutting table ..I remember it actually made me so relaxed as a child I could have curled up right there on the spot and napped ...So you see my love of lace goes way back ..I think it's just part of my being ....

Did I mention the heap of vintage jewelry we got too ...

And how about this old silk cording card ..this will make for fabulous graphics !!!

Oh and another love ...buckles ..rhinestones ..metal and mother of Pearl Oh My !

A way sweet Picnic basket ..the little square kind ...

Decorative Iron work these are Fabulous ....and I'm sure they'll be headed to our shops very soon ... along with all the other finds I didn't even get pictured here ...


Well after shopping and some cleaning ...I decided it was finally time to start getting some things back in our Etsy shop ..and to start with I listed 4 of our Vintage Girl Upcycled Necklaces tonight ...

I took Pictures yesterday ...and figured I couldn't let them get dusty sitting in their file and I better get in gear and get them listed I just dug deep found some energy somewhere heavens know's where it was hiding at ...and just finished listing them ...

I thought I would give you a sneek peek at the 4 I listed ...and of course I'll be listing more hopefully over the next few days ..

Well that's it for today folks ....I think I'm just plain nuts ...but hey that's o.k. it will just make life interesting for those around me ...ha ha !!!

Until next time ...Enjoy your weekend ...may it be blessed in abundance !



  1. Great finds, and all is so beautiful.

    barbara jean

  2. One of the first things my Mom taught me when I got my first place is the "odd rule"!! My goodness did you guys hit the jackpot!! Also I love your jewelry, so unique and beautiful!!

  3. Score! Those belt buckles...oh my!
    --Lee Ann

  4. eeeekkkkkk, oh, my goodness, what a great load of gorgeous!!!! lace and buckels and jewelry...ok I am jealous...hahaha, I know its wrong, but I am!

  5. WOW - I would be in Heaven diving into all of that Vintage lace! Beautiful photos!

  6. Hey sweet Sara, so glad to hear the good news about Papa Fred...I've been praying for him! Praise God! I am so excited about your two new shops at Treasures...I can't wait to see them when I come out in December! They look sooooo wonderful! You and mama Abbey are so very talented, you always have the most charming, adorable booths EV-AH! I want to live in them! God Bless you darlin'! Hugs to you, Abbey and Papa Fred!
    Sugar Pie Farmhouse

  7. Wow, you really hit the jackpot, great finds!

    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. Such a lovely, wonderful post but it makes me sad. I just realized your finds are my house and, one day, someone will be exclaiming, "Would you look at THIS!?" over my things.
    Might as well smile, eh?
    Hi Sara - Dave is going through some testing, diagnosis has yet to be made and unless God intervenes, it looks bad.

  9. I guess that I am one of those odd balls because I want to make one of those lampshade trees!! Maybe on a smaller scale, so I will have to start looking for the perfect lamp shades. Thanks for sharing, love your site. Terry


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