Monday, October 11, 2010

A New Week a Fresh Start ...

A new week and a fresh start ...or should I say a really Tired Start !

Last week was a busy one. Our Plans to get over to our new shop and finish decorating didn't come to pass as we had hoped. There were a few little happenings with papa fred and Dr.s appts last week that were just a weeeeeee bit more important and thus we are running a bit behind schedule.

The weekend was taken up too ..I know I mentioned many weeks back about the big Estate Sale we had been going to. It has been ongoing for a few months now. An old store building that was sort of a goodwill of it's day had been closed up for over 20 yrs with all the merchandise left inside. Also a bus barn just up the street that was loaded top to bottom and side to side ..and every week they would unload what they could ..and we showed up every weekend for the new offerings. We ended up with alot of fun vintage and antique junk ..and right now it's piled high just about every which way you turn around here. We are So ready to get it priced and over to our new shop ...

By the time Yesterday(Sunday) rolled around we were exhausted and ready to rest ....

Today ...ah Monday ..the beginning of our work week ...and that's just what we have been up to. Getting all of our offerings and props ready to go over to the shop on Wednesday (as they are closed on Tuesdays) ..which will be a relief to me. To finally get everying in place and in order and looking beautiful .."that's important"

I thought I would share a little peek at one of the props Abbey and I have been working on...Our Collaborative thought process brought us to a conclusion that the top back area of our shop needed a little beautification ...and we wanted to do something different yet along the lines of farmhouse style ..and a little modernized general store look to ....

So we came up with lining the top back of the booth in layered vintage wood frame windows ...and of course we couldn't end there ..

We decided we wanted our name in one and some descriptive words that tells a little bit about us and our style of offerings ...

So here's a peek at how the windows came out today ...Of course they'll look so much better once we get them in the shop and of course I'll share picts with you all of them all up and looking their best this week.

So here they are ....

This will be the basic layout of how they are going to line the top of the shop ...
I loved ..creating the font for these ..thinking about old window fronts and how the lettering would have looked in the day ...Oh how I miss seeing beautiful window fronts ....

I know it sounds funny but I love to see our name on pieces ..I guess it's because I truly love the name we picked for ourselves repressents what we do and who we are just perfectly ...

Theirs a wonderful feeling that antique wood frame windows evoke ..I can't explain the feeling of warmth and home that overcomes my inner being when working with them and touching them...maybe it's because growing up we always had wood frame windows in our homes ??? All I know is that today's modern metal frames just don't have the same appeal and never will to me ..after growing up in a 1930's home ...a new home will never have the charm ..the romance...the endearing qualities of one that is vintage... Abbey and I dream one day that we'll be able to find ourselves home again in a vintage farmhouse or cottage ...and then our souls and hearts shall be the utmost contented ...

Farmhouse Romance .... Home Goods... Vintage Living ...and you've arrived at ...


I'll keep you all posted as to the day we wrap up over at the shop ..and share lots of picts with you all ...later this week ...

Wishing you all a lovely fun filled and joyful week !!!



  1. Great signs! I would love to have the opportunity to go the sales you have had around you.

  2. Great job on the windows....I will be so happy for you after Wednesday and every thing will look so beautiful in your booth. Say hi to Papa' Fred for me. Ciao Rita

  3. Oh, I LOVE the windows! They are going to look great!!

  4. Looking good...i did a window in my shop/booth has burlap and then wood letters with my name. i tell you we are always on the same page yet in a different book (hehehe) I can;t wait to see your space :) remember to check on the table size for me.

    Smiles and Blessings,

  5. Oh how wonderful!!! I have a few windows I have created in my booth. I never thought to use one as signage for my space!! Thank you!

  6. Oh the anticipation is building, I can't wait to see what it looks like all put together!

    I mentioned you guys in my last post if you'd like to take a peek.

    Blessings, Irma

  7. what a beautiful idea!!! I have alot of windows and I think one with my name would be great too!!!...but I don't know how..hahaha.

  8. Good luck in your new shop! It looks wonderful. I hope to check it out soon.


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