Monday, October 4, 2010

Glitterfest Success ..The Beginnings of a new Shop and Home again.....

Well ...I'm finally here ...and I must say a Big Thank You to Whimzy ..Diane and Cheryl ..did a Beautiful Job Hosting Glitterfest Once again ..and for it being our First time to journey down this Glittered Past ..we must admit we Enjoyed it thoroughly and it was a success !!!

Abbey and I were met by so many faces we knew was like a small home gathering even though the crowd was huge.

We were thrilled to meet so many new wonderful gals ..and make new aquaintances ..

By Saturday Night Both of us were exhausted ..ready to come home and put our feet up and that's just what we did ...

Now rested up somewhat I thought I would share some picts for those of you who didn't get the chance to come and for those living in far off places ..of our little 8ft x 30 inch table it's completed fashion just minutes before the doors opened ...Enjoy !!!

Abbey and I (Sara)

(pictures above Thanks To Rita Reade of Mammabellarte)

Our totes ..Aprons...Jewelry ..Lamps...and Paper Roses ...

We added flicker flame bulbs to our antique chandelier ..Loved how it looked !

Our Paper Roses dipped in Glass Glitter were a hit we nearly sold out of them !

Our pumpkins were a hit too ....I was so worried we weren't going to have enough ..but we did Thank Goodness ..!!! These sweet little punkins ...flew out all morning Long ...

And All those that are left ...well they can be found ....


By Visiting our new shop in the Treasures N Junk Antique Mall in Ontario, CA...

We got up the morning after Glitterfest and headed over to the mall to begin work on one of our new spaces we are taking ...

I was so tired yesterday that we painted the walls ...and I got right to work painting the floor ...then realized I had forgotten to add the wall technique ...Now whats a girl to do but think of a way to overcome this mistake knowing time was not on her side .. Soooooooo

I opted for two plastic bags ...1 tied over each shoe ...and in I went ...I was about in tears and so was Abbey and Papa Fred I crinkled and cracked ..and the bag stuck to the floor ..making me look like our dog scout lifting her feet in disgust when the lawn gets wet ...

Betsy and Alyssa ..were laughing too and of course had to take pictures and send them to Jana the owner of the mall the new dealers antics ...LOL !!!

Well my plastic bags worked and that's all that matters plus we had all had a little giggle which is good for the soul anyhow !

We did manage to get some of our furniture in place and brought in our pumpkins and Paper Roses ...

There's much more to come later in the week ..we have lots to get done. So give us till next week to get things all wrapped up and then by all means come visit us !!!


Today ...we've just been Home Again's a Beautiful Day ...Honestly looks like a Winter day in January out ...and snow flurries are forecast for the Mountain regious surrounding us ..Strange weather but I'm loving it ..I'll take a cold winters day anytime over a hot scorcher !!!

Today we've tried to get our home back in order once again ... all the work we do ..really takes it's toll on our home ..and home is an important place we must remember ..a place to retreat and gather ourselves again ..

Wishing you all a Blessed week ..full of smiles ..happy Hearts and Lifes sweet dreams ...

Blessings ..Sara
P.S......I didn't get pictures of all the other artisans at the show ...Honestly I was just a bit overwhelmed and didn't get around like I had hoped ...But too see a bunch of wonderful pictures ..visit Rita Reades Slideshow clicking HERE


  1. Good luck with your new place! I am very happy for you both. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. Hi Sara, everything looked wonderful, you two did a fantastic job on putting it all together! Congrats on your new space, have fun with it!

  3. oh, your table is beautiful!!! I love how the little cabinet looks like a miniture wardrobe...perfect...girl you are just going to pass out!!!! can't wait to see your new space!!!

  4. Hi Ladies,
    i love it all...the table was over the moon :) i am sooooo very happy for you 2 that it was successful. i am even more excited about you moving in and getting ready to show everyone your amazing goods. love ya, miss ya and wishing you a great and blessed week.


  5. OMG Ladies! Your booth literally took my breath away! It was by far my favoritestest one at the show!
    I can't wait to visit your new Ontario shop and get another fix of that beautiful eye candy!

    Congratulations ladies!

    btw I will be posting pics of the show on my blog soon, feel free to stop by.

  6. Hi. Found you thru Common Ground.
    Oh, you have so many lovelies on that table!! So pretty! We just did our first vendor show last week. Love your items. I'll be checking your etsy too. Come visit when you have time.
    ~ Julie

  7. Congratulations on your new shop..wish we could have one here in town...maybe one day....

  8. BEAUTIFUL Sara, loVe the pictures, you and Ab look so adorable. What I show, I enjoyed the slide show amazing group of artists.

  9. Wow-wish I have been there-looks like lots of goodies!

  10. Wow! What a ton of fun stuff! Beautiful! Wish I was in the neighborhood!

  11. Oh how wonderful! Lots of wonderful treasures and inspiring ideas! So happy I stopped by!!

  12. Your new place is wonderfully calm, peaceful, beautiful; congratulations! Did the plastic bags made designs on the floor? I know that's one method of adding texture to painted walls.

  13. Hi! I'm visiting from White Wednesday. Glitterfest looks like a great show...your booth is really great! Love all the burlap! Especially the pumpkins!and black trim...genius!!
    Best of luck on the new space and trick with the plastic bags!!
    Now a follower!
    Tammy :-)


  14. I'm so glad Glitterfest was such a success for you! You put in so much heart and soul wherever you are and it surely shows!!!!! Best wishes on your new antique mall space, XO Christie

  15. I know the frustrations of painting when you are tired. Glad you were able to get your booth finished. Everything looks great@

  16. Hi Sara and Abbey!
    It was really nice to meet you at Glitterfest! Your space was lovely and the pictures turned out great (mine didn't come out so well!)
    I can't believe you got up the next day to work on your space! I was soooo worn out and just got laundry done..that's all!
    Anywhoo! I just wanted to say hi!
    karen...(I was in the booth next to you with Robin)

  17. It was such fun to meet you at Glitterfest. Everything looked absolutely stunning! See you soon. Hugs,

  18. Your table set up was just beautiful~~loved your props too!!
    Hope to come by your spot in Ontario soon :)

    Kay Ellen


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