Saturday, June 29, 2019

Making Summer Memories

Well I hope your Summer is off to a wonderful start.  It's another hot day here .. the heat has officially arrived.

Well they say summer is about making memories and we made our own funny memory last night .. Abbey had been wanting to get out and see some fireflies .. well I went to take Flossie out and there were a bunch around a pine tree so I told her to come out and look this sparked the idea we would go out on a night drive in the country to see the fields and trees alight .. so we headed out and drove for near an hour down back roads. I think we saw about 10 of them total LOL..Yep qute the memory ! So I've come to the conclusion today that our pine tree is firefly central because there were about 30 of them buzzing it before we left seriously looked like a lit up Christmas tree with all those white flickering lights .. and several fireflies were still there when we got back .. I think we failed to get the memo that that pine tree was having a summer firefly party last night.  Here's to Summer Memory Making ! 

Until next time
Sweet Farmhouse Blessings

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