Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Welcome To Garrison Spring ~ a Hidden Jewel in the Ozarks

I hope you all had a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend. 
Mine was fairly simple and much like any other weekend .. stayed home and did some work around the house. Then went and checked on my shop space at Spring Creek Antiques and a friend of mine who works there reminded me of a beautiful little spot tucked away and about 3 or 4 minutes from the shop ... Garrison Spring. 

I had seen a few photos on line and heard a few people talk about it before but I had yet to go see this place of beauty for myself ..

Abbey was with me and I asked if she wanted to go check it out and we agreed we both wanted to go.

Amazingly this place is tucked away "right in town" .. 

We began our journey down a little tiny country road barely big enough for 1 car let alone 2. The beauty of the Ozarks are the trees and my favorite thing here are the tree canopied country roads so I wasn't disappointed as the entire journey of about a mile was nothing but one long continuous tree canopy.

Upon arriving we were greeted by this welcoming sign ..

We drove further in to the property down the crunchy gravel road .. Green grasses, trees and natural plant life surrounds you in this beautiful jewel of a place ...

And then the crowning jewel .. the stunning spring waterfall ... spilling out and over the moss covered glades the spring water rushed .. the sound was simply mesmerizing. Having lived on the west coast when I visited the ocean I always enjoyed listening to the roar of the waves ... this was such a different sound. There was the large booming crashes of the waves against the sand .. this was a constant sound of water splashing upon the glades and the sound filled the air and bounced back off the trees .. enveloping you. It was indeed a peaceful place.

 A sweet walking bridge and sitting area right next to the waterfall has been provided and one day I will be heading back when I have time to just sit a while and enjoy nature in all it's glory.

 Beyond the springs .. there is a plethora of park like settings .. Benches dot the landscape where you can stroll through the grounds and sit and watch the squirrels play or the birds flit from tree to tree. I even imagine if you're there at the right time you just might find yourself enjoying a few deer too.

The spring water makes it way down the road side through it's own glorious tree canopy .. washing along the rocky bottom, sparkling clear water, rippling along, with the gentlest sound. I'm afraid I could sit for hours with a good book, a sandwhich, some water, and a few cookies and never want to leave. 

Thank you to the Braswells who own this amazing piece of beauty and allow the public to come in and enjoy it too. I'll be back .. for a bit lengthier stay next time ..

Until Next Time
Sweet Blessings


  1. So much beauty and so filled with God's glory! I see peace there!

  2. Oh, this is beautiful and we've never been there! thanks so much for taking these pics and sharing them with us. What a wonderful way to unplug and relax for a few minutes in this lovely natural setting.

  3. What a beautiful place to visit. It reminds me of a little mountain town in N. GA. Helen has a creek that runs beside the road and a river/waterfalls. I love visiting there and your post makes me wanna go. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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