Sunday, May 5, 2019

Lifes about changing, nothing ever stays the same ....

Well I think my title sums up life to a tee. Don't you ?

and I believe if I remember correctly those are lyrics from an old Garth Brooks song. 

Well once again it's been a while since I last blogged Fall of last year to be exact. Life has become one day of business that runs into another anymore. Some days I just want to say stop and let me off. But I can't complain to much when I've created my own busy life. And My life has been so blessed by God.

The last several months have been full of me praying and praying and asking the Lord if I was headed in the right direction for some reason something just seemed off to me. Had I missed any roads he wanted me to take or had I taken roads he really knew I shouldn't but I did. And that my eyes and heart were open to new opportunity or changes. I was searching for some guidance.

8 week ago some of those answers to prayer came through an odd sequence of events in life that truly I can say were a "God Thing". There was no doubt that he provided me with some pretty distinct answers that I was not expecting at all.. and in so doing he took me in a new direction that hadn't been on my radar at all "He's kind of cool that way".  And that is slowly unfolding in my life right now.

My business is my livelihood I'm just a single gal that does what she loves despite the fact I'll never get rich at it...  and I'm not a gal that has to have a lot to live or be happy. I'm a pretty easy keeper. I guess that's a good thing considering. But sometimes I like so many others can push so hard to make a living that it leaves you worn thin and wondering am I doing the right thing ? Not to mention I've had a few health issues I've dealt with the last year that have added to my exhaustion.

One thing I knew for sure was that I very much miss the handmade side of my business and I have literally had no time for it. I love creating and designing.  And another was that I needed to be investing my time into not only the things I love but where business is most productive financially for me it just makes perfect business since. And as much fun as I love to have with work I have to be sensible too. Sometimes we have to see the whole picture and realize changes have to be made.

So I looked over my books and sales for the last 2 years and did some investigating to see where my time and energy would be best invested. 

And the conclusion was I need to get back to creating and designing with some vintage fun mixed in. Yes gals that means my upcycled clothing will be back along with many other hand mades that I love creating in the coming months.

So over the next few months I'm making some changes to my business .. We've all heard the word diversify .. or the saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket" .. so I'm working at doing just that with my shop spaces. A few smaller spaces  in different locations where I can still enjoy selling and creating beautiful displays . I might try a market.  And I will be getting back to creating my OOAK handmade designs and offering more in my Etsy shop like the old days. So if you see some changes happening Y'all won't be going hey what's going on with her is she going out of business ... Nope not at all .. just making some changes where changes need to be made.

And another thing I have missed a lot the last few years is being able to share more here on my blog.. Instagram and FB are great for sharing quick snippets but it really lacks the option for more in depth posts and leaves me feeling a little lack luster. Over the years I so enjoyed connecting with gals through my blog and I made several long lasting friendships which I hold dear so I look forward to getting back to it and sharing recipes, projects and just personal bits and bobs like I used too. So in the coming months as I restructure things I'll be hoping I'm not so exhausted all the time and I'll be here sharing the things that are dear to my heart and hoping and praying that I've chosen the right new path for this stage of life and if not that the Lord opens doors and shuts them and that I have the eyes to see and ears to hear to keep moving forward or staying still if that's what he calls me to do.

Until Next time .. which I'll be hoping is very soon as I get things changed up...
       Sweet Blessings


  1. Sara, I am so blessed that you will be returning to your beautiful, unique "art" ( handmade items) more, & you will be sharing more on your blog. Your items have been missed by those of us who love you,also your personal words have always been such a blessing to me.You are truly a gift from God & He uses you to bless others. I will be praying for you to be blessed with good health, peace from the Lord, & great JOY in your endeavors. Bless your heart. From Cathy (here in Oregon).

    1. Oh Cathy .. it's so good to see your comment and you are definitely on of those friends that evolved from my blog and have been such a blessing to my life. Thank you for you kind uplifting words. Much love sent your way ... Sara

  2. Wishing you much success on your "new"path, and may He let you know you are headed in the right direction! I certainly relate- always praying and searching for answers about my own path!

    1. Pam thank you so much for your kind words. Have a beautiful and blessed week. Sara

  3. Sara, I'm really excited to see where you're headed. I love your clothing and ooak designs, and I know God is truly leading you to fulfill your creativity AND business paths. As for your blog, I've missed your posts, but also love your IG posts that are so uplifting and filled with praise and God's Word. You'll never know how many people you touch and encourage daily. I can't wait to see your newest space; your attention to detail and design is always amazing! Big blessings!

  4. Well, that makes my heart happy! I just pulled some of the things I had bought from you as gifts for others to use for MYSELF:) I will be a customer for sure! Can't wait! Have a blessed and beautiful day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Love what you've written, shared from a Jesus loving heart. May He lead you every day, guide your future path and abundantly bless your walk with Him.


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