Saturday, June 7, 2014

Turning Homemaking into Fun and Saving a little money along the way with Sugarpie Farmhouse

Well Hey Y'all ... Hope you have all had a lovely week and are having a lovely start to your weekend.
Today I spent the morning at the Vintage Marketplace visiting several of my friends whom are selling their wares there .. and Flossie Dog went with me .. She had the best time and wow was she ever tuckered out this evening.. She was as snug as a bug in a rug , curled up in her bed. We were all real quiet so to not disturb her ... But I imagine she'll get rested up tonight and be all wound up for another day of play tomorrow ...
So My Start to my weekend has been awesome even though this is going to be a working weekend for me. May was really busy for us and I'm doing some catch up work to make sure everyone gets their farm goods in the promised time so they can begin decoratin' or gift givin' with their new goods.
The 2nd start to a great weekend was opening an e-mail that's been sittin' in my inbox since monday from my Dear Sweet Friend Aunt Ruthie of Sugar Pie Farmhouse ..
It was hard not opening the e-mail all week but I had to save it for an evening when I had plenty of time to enjoy it and really savor it .. and tonight was the night.
Of course after I got through the e-mail ... I just had to share about it with you all !
Aunt Ruthie  has been so blessed to be a stay at home Mama to 4 lovely children 3 of which are grown up now and have families of their own and 1 of which is on the verge of being all grown up ..
Being a mama to 4 .. just like other mama's out there Aunt Ruthie has some wonderful tips, Inspiration and encouragement on Homemaking and she's just released her first 2 Videos ...
She teaches you how to make your own Laundry Soap ... In her fabulous farmhouse kitchen and girls may have to watch her video several times like me just to keep up with the directions because your eyes start wandering checking out her cute granite top table or her adorable glass front cabinets .. Oh my what a kitchen ..  but then you get drawn back in to Aunt Ruthies farmhouse charm and her clear, precise and simple directions to make your own laudry soap in a jiffy and save money doing it .. Who doesn't want to save money these days ?
You also get a 2nd video .. and seriously she comes up with the cutest titles ..
"Cup 'N Saucer Chat ...
Oh Lordy is that just adorable !

I didn't want the chat to end .. I loved it .. and she had a little blooper which she left in which I loved it just made my heart smile and I got to giggle with her .. I'm sure it's not easy makin' a video. I did a video tutorial once several years back .. and Oh my there was alot of time and effort that went into it .. take after take trying to get all you want to say in and say it right ... so I applaud Aunt Ruthie for her videos ..she did an amazing job and she's just a natural on the camera .. Her true personality that I know from our get togethers when she ventures out here to CA really shines through ..

And Yep .. she included several other bloopers for her audience to enjoy .. bloopers are the best ..!
You all might be wonderin' about now .. You've said so many nice things about Aunt Ruthie's new Video series ..did you get paid to write this .. and the answer's no...
Aunt Ruthie is a friend of ours .. and I've known her for many years as aquaintance and then friends .. we are sisters in the Lord and we love to lift up and encourage each other as well as those that follow our blogs.
Life should really be about encouraging one another ..boy wouldn't that make the world a better place ..
So I'm just givin' a sweet little shout out that if you'd like to know more about homemakin' and soap makin' and get to know Aunt Ruthie a little more personally .. well gals go grab up her videos which you can do HERE
Well take care and have a great weekend .. Keep smilin' .. Cause the Good Lord Loves You ... You're Pretty Special to Him !


  1. Can't wait to visit her:) Have a blessed weekend dear Sara, HUGS!

  2. Love your heading. Glad I stumbled upon you. Great blog!


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