Friday, June 20, 2014

Flip ~ Flop ~ Flun ~ ...Kick off the Summer with some cute Flip Flop DIY Tutorials that are so easy !

June 21st marks the first official day of summer .. and it's time to slip on those summer flip flops !
However if you're one of those that live in the drier and warmer climates year round like we are ..flips flops tend to be the mode of transportation for your feet pretty much year round...
I own a dozen pair of flip flops and they are my first choice in footwear these days .not because I'm that in love with flip flops.. but my feet are. I've got feet that have lot's of issues and shoes and my feet don't make a happy couple.
I love cute flip flops ..but lately I haven't found any that have that cute quotient I'm looking for .. they all seem a bit plain so I started looking for ways to make them cute, classy and sassy !
And here are some super cute ways to dress up some inexpensive flip flops for yourself, your kids, or your friends ..what great summer gifts !
So this first pair is so classy ..
I could see wearing these to church with a beautiful long white skirt ... Or a summer wedding ..
I love all the pearls and beads ...and there's a step by step tutorial showing you how to  make them .. with all the fabulous beads out there for jewelry making these days you could get super creative and do these up in colored beads .. and they used a pair of the easily found rubber flips flops that I just saw at Wal -Mart and the Dollar store for Just a buck .. ( do you know why we refer to a dollar as a buck ?) check the end of this post for the answer. 

 Tutorial HERE

These cuties have been dressed up with ribbons by the ribbon lady ...
How cute would these be with a denim skirt or denim shorts ! .. and love the touch of the black jewel in the center of the ribbon rosette .. 
 Tutorial HERE

These just say "Summer Fun" ... I love the mix of the tie died rosettes and the striped flops ...
The color combo just makes me smile ..
I imagine just about any young lady or teenage girl would be thrilled to recieve a pair of these or even sit down and make a pair with Mom , Grandma and some friends ... so check out the tutorial ...and make a girls day to make some personalized flip flops ..

Tutorial HERE
For those of us who have more flips flops than necessary ..LOL  ..
I thought this tutorial for turning wire hangers into flop holders was awesome .. so so easy ..
And I love how they used metal shelf brackets  and pipe to create a low floor space hanger for organizing them in the closet ..

 Jean Lover's Unite !
For those of you that Love Denim and have some old jeans that you don't wear anymore ..this is a great way to upcycle them and make some blue jean flip flops ..
 I think I would refer to these as my Kick Back Flip Flops ...
 Tutorial HERE

Mom's and Grandmom's ... do you have a little snugglebug that tip toes around on those tiny little feet ...
Well here's some super girly ruffled flops that are absolutely darling... I want these in my size ! and I haven't dressed up my toe nails in polish in a long while but this sure makes me want to ...
over at the motherhuddle ..they teach you how to make these for your little snugglebugs ...
 Tutorial HERE

Cottage Charm for your Feet ... These remind of a day at the beach .. walking the boardwalk and letting the ocean breeze kiss my face .
I love the striped bows ..and especially the body of the flop dressed in a cute floral pattern ...
Another simple yet easy way to dress your flops for that summer vacation .
Tutorial HERE

Baseball Moms and Gals ... Here's the Flop for you !
Simple rubber flop with too too adorable baseball flower ..
I couldn't find a  link to show how to make these cuties .. But ...

I found this picture tutorial on how to take apart a baseball and turn it int a flower ..seems pretty self explanatory .. and pretty easy .. if you're young man plays ball I know that they end up with old baseballs they quit using so ask the coach for one of those throw aways ...
And Lastly ... with 4th of July on the way ..  I couldn't pass up these "Patriotic Cuties" ...
Looks like some cute "old navy" Flops .. wrapped in patriotic ribbon with ribbon bows ...
Another Fun and Easy way to dress up some inexpensive flops with the kiddos ... How fun for them to make a pair to wear on the 4th of July !  You could even add a few extra sparkly rhinestones !

There's dozen's more ways to DIY your own flip flops .. I was amazed at all the ingenious and yet simple ways to dress them up I found in my search .. If you have a pinterest account .. in the search box type " DIY Flip Flops" ..and the ideas are endless ..
~ Happy Summer Y'all ~
and Yep's why refer to a dollar as a buck ...
The most likely explanation why a dollar is called a Buck is that the word Buck was derived from the word buckskin. Buckskin was used for trade between Indians, Native Americans and Europeans in the days of the frontier, from 1748. As the skin became a less common medium of exchange the word 'buck' was likely to have been adapted to use for the dollar currency which had replaced it.


  1. Awesome flip flops! My three year old grand daughter calls hers, clip clops! hahahaha!

  2. Great ideas! I love my flip-flops and can't wait to try some of these on mine! Have a blessed day, HUGS!


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