Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Music to my Ears ..Sunshine to my Soul.... The Quebe Sisters

This last Saturday Night I was delighted to find a new singing and instrumental group that mix several of they styles in music that I love .. While watching Larry's Country Diner on the Family Network ...
First off If you haven't seen Larry's Country Diner It's a great little 1 hour Talk show set up just like an Old Fashioned Country/ 50's Diner Inside and the Guests sit at tables and are served Good Eats while the show takes place. Each Week a great Country or Western or Instrumental Music group is featured and shares their music ..While Larry (the host) always opens the show with the Daily Word ..which I really love. And during the show side kick Nadine, a Sweet Granny that has some cute one liners and brings some fun and lightheartedness to the show is positively delightful ! 
Well that's my description of it anyhow and  I hope it does it some Justice . If you have the Family Network Channel check for when Larry's Country Diner airs In your neck of the woods and give it a whirl ..
Anyhow ..the Quebe Sisters From Denton, TX were on Larry's Country Diner last week and they were positively stunning..
They started off as an instrumental bad with their Fiddles .. playing western swing and vintage country ..
And have now added their 3 part harmony and was it ever harmonious !
Beside how beautiful they are ..their music is really Sunshine to the Soul ..
I was raised on Country Music and Old time Western Swing .. I remember the Rug being pulled back from the wood floors in our house in my teen years and a little western swing turned on and my parents 2 stepping across the living room.
At an early age I found a love for the vintage 1940's Women's Harmony groups ... and
When you get the Quebe sisters you get wonderful combination of Western Swing a little 1940's Harmony and some Awesome Fiddle Playing !

I'll be grabbing me their New CD .... It'll be a joy to do a little toe tapping to their music during my days of work at the sewing machine...
You can visit their website and sample their music HERE


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  1. Hi Friend...
    So nice to stop by & I'll have to check out Larry's Diner...sounds like a fun place to hang out at for an hour!! :))
    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your booth at TVM at Christmas. I loved my little fabric hanging I bought & wish I had bought makes me smile just looking at it. See you in March & have a wonderful New Year Friend!!!


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