Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Giveaway at Sugar Pie Farmhouse And Valentines Day Already !!!

Well we all must admit we love the word "FREE" ..and the word "GIVEAWAY" right behind it....
Anything in life anymore in the everyday world that says "Free" usually always has a catch or strings attatched to it and that's such a sad thing.
I remember in my early years of growing up the wonderful giveaways that were offered at Gas stations, or the grocery store ... it truly kept buyers coming back and made going shopping just a bit more fun...
My Parents reminisce about the good old days of blue chip stamps and the set of aluminum cups they got for drinking Ice Cold Kool Aid in ... remember Kool Aid .. gosh I loved that as a kid .. however that was a very and I mean very great once and a while we got that as kids it was a treat for us ... and therefore it was all the more treasured and it made for memorable times.
I'm sure many of you can remember the "Good Ol' Days" ... when Mom and Pop ran a large portion of this country ... well there's still a few of us Mom and Pop business running today .. still offering handmade products ..and still having Truly "FREE" Giveaways.
Aunt Ruthie of Sugar Pie Farmhouse .. is servin up a dose  of  Good Old Fashioned Down Home Goodness with a Free Giveaway ....

Below one of our Farmhouse Flour Sack Towels and the matching hotpad with one of our cute burlap wrapped hangers .. to display them on if you so please .. and this is what our Sweet Aunt Ruthie is givin away ...But she didn't stop there ...there's more ...


This adorable Metal Chalkboard .. Now how darling is this !!! ... 

An Enamelware Candle Holder ..
A Batter operated Candlelight
a Wonderful 1803 Candle ... 

And it just doesn't end ... She's also throwin in this positively charming "The Farmer's Wife" Cookbook ...Now doesn't that just take us all down memory lane where many of us would like to live again ! 

So there's lots of wonderful Farm Goods that are being offered up for "Free" ..just because we can and just because it's a good feeling to give with no strings attatched and put a smile on someones' face... Giving does a heart good it's medicine for the soul .. !
If you haven't been to Aunt Ruthies blog .. well your in for an absolute treat .. and if you have ..well go on over and enjoy her new post about being a blessing in the New Year and sign up for the Free Giveaway ... ! ..Just click HERE

And it's hard to believe but in just a little over a month .. we once again Embark on another of our holidays "Valentines Day" ... Seriously's already here and yes I started being asked about Valentines Towels just a few days after Christmas ... You girls are so on it !
Well I was a bit ahead of you this year and already had my Valentines designs ready before Christmas ..Yep I was on it this year ..LOL ! Actually truth is several of the shops that I design for were giving me dates they needed there Valentines by I had to be ahead of the game .. I cannot tell you as a designer how odd it is to be listening to Christmas Music ..and thinking of Snow and Hot Cocoa ..and being in the mood to design Valentines images. At that time it seemed like so long off ..however it came much quicker than I anticipated and a little heart ache (no pun intended) came with it too.
Here I was ahead of the game this year with all my designs and ready to get all my offerings out there to everyone in record time ..and literally the day I had just finished my last design for all my new offerings .. I clicked the on button on my computer to bring it out of it's sleep mode and the thing lit up like a Christmas tree ..and that was it ..couldn't get it to do anything .. Well rather than going into a long story about all of it... the end result the Hard Drive went out on a 1 yr old computer and everything was "GONE" ... yep ..all that design work down the tubes ! ...My heart was so sick ... I spend many hours putting together designs and all the work I had just put in for over a week gone .. I hadn't yet saved it all to my memory stick .. which was completely my fault ..and lets just say "Lesson Learned."
Now I have learned over the years stressing out immediately is Normal .. I allow myself that momentary "Oh My Gosh" ...."Now What" moment and the frenzy of trying to fix it all in 10 seconds flat which I know is not going to happen ..but my brain always convinces me it's possible so I try and then realize ..who's hands I need to put it all into and that I just need to stop and pray even if it is a quick "Lord Please Help."   And I always try and look at the bright side .. I am blessed to have the ability to do the work over .. I am blessed that my computer was warrantied and it's being repaired for free.. I am blessed that I was able to purchase another computer in the meantime and I am blessed that I had all my other work saved and didn't lose everything ! and I am blessed to now own an external Hard drive where I can store all my work in  a secondary location ...
There's a lot to be thankful for when I  look at the big picture.
So with that experience behind me I began work once again .. and I'm pretty much caught up ..
I just listed my 3 new Valentine designs in our Etsy Shop this week ... As many of you know and have shared with me these make wonderful gifts.. A great way to show your "Love" ...and they also add a whole lot of Farmhouse Charm to your own Home Sweet Kitchens ..

There are also (3) new every day towels and (7) New for 2013 Hand towels that we are offering for the first time here at the farmhouse. You can check those out by visiting the shop.
So stop in even if it's just for fun and take a gander even if you don't buy something it'll just make your heart happy ... You can visit our ETSY shop HERE

Don't forget now to head on over to Aunt Ruthie's Sugar Pie Farmhouse ..for the Free Giveaway !

Until Next Time ...

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