Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sweet Magnolias Farm .. at The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks June 2012 Picts.

It was such a beautiful weekend for us at the Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks..

Despite a few interruptions for us .. Like the truck breaking down Thursday Night on the way home with the trailer being pulled ...however luckily we were just exiting the off ramp and I was able to glide to the side of the road ..

Thank the Lord for Friends and Family who came to our Aide ..and we eventually got the trailer back to the rental store and the truck towed to the mechanic...

And of course comimg home Friday Night to find our Sweet Golden Scout of 17 years had passed in her sleep on a sunny golden afternoon in the Yard ..so glad she went in her sleep .."Thank you Lord" ..

Life Just happens ..and I always say it's a good thing it happens without us knowing ahead of time or we would fret, stress, panic ..and just be out of our minds with worry ... I'm always glad it does happen without me knowing ..and I just cross that bridge when I come upon it...

As I said despite a few interruptions to the weekend .. we had a wonderful time at the Vintage Marketplace once again .. We changed spots .. actually created a new spot at the park that hadn't been one before and Abbey and I love it .. it was so much fun creating for this spot ..and I'm already having tummy butterflies of excitement about the possibilities for the fall Marketplace in September ..

Well we finally for once finished setting up while it was still sunshiny out and I could grab some picts ..or should I say a whole barrel full of picts to share with you all ! ..

I have to admit this is my favorite setup we have ever done ..and I am in love with all the color we used this time .. It made me smile inside the whole time we were creating for the marketplace and I'm still smiling today .. Color just seems to do that for me ..

So here's the picts ..there's alot so sit back grab some sweet tea ....and a cookie for dunkin ..and Enjoy !

Below are 2 pictures of the inside top of our pop-up ... Abbey and I created panels to fit inside the top of the tent ..disguising all the bars and outside cover ..to make it feel like a beautiful room outdoors ..and it worked .. it was if I may say so stunning .. I'm not usually one to praise our work ..but in this case I think we did an outstanding job creating this .. all praise to the Lord for giving our Minds and our hands the ability to create this ..

And I am so Thankful for this Last picture .. I created a patchwork and lace top ..for a Vintage Umbrella ..and I forgot to display it in my picts the day of setup above .. And opening day ..I was too busy to grab picts and forgot I didn't get one .. As I went to sleep Sunday night after getting home ..it dawned on me I hadn't grabbed a photo of it and I could have cried .. Well Thank You to a Vintage Marketplace Shopper who took pictures and blogged about the show ..she snapped a photo of it and I found it today ..I was jumping for Joy ..! Thank You to Karen ..of http://elderberrystreet.blogspot.com/2012/06/vintage-marketplace.html

Thank You to all of the Customers who came out to support TVM .. We appreciate your coming .. we appreciate you making purchases .. if it wasn't for you we surely could not bring you such a wonderful Marketplace

And a Big Thank You To Rita, Christie, Dean , Rafaelle, & Allen ..and all the others who pitch in to run..help out with ..and make this a successful Marketplace .. You all Are the Best and We Love you !


So if you didn't make it to this Marketplace .. Guess what we are already counting down to the next Marketplace ..just 3 months away ..in September .. and Yes ..if you love our Farmhouse Pumpkins ..they will be coming to the Marketplace in September Once again ..new designs too !

For More TVM Picts of the other Vendors visit the TVM facebook Page HERE



  1. Oh wow it all looks so wonderful! I love the red & white suitcase!

  2. That particular spot was made for you, Sara. It was gorgeous!!! It really did look like a little farmhouse. LOVE it! So sorry to hear about Scout. XO

  3. Oh I'm so sad to hear about your sweet boy Scout...just weird that we were sitting there talking about your new dog and old dog, just grateful he passed the way he did, truly a blessing it wasn't long and drawn out. Loved seeing you both and sharing in your unbelievable talent again. Take care, Tracy

  4. I love all my wonderful new things I purchased at the Marketplace. My favorites are my new ironing board and cover you made. The clothespin holder and a Bless the Nest towel. I love them all and can't wait to have a clothes line hanging in my backyard. I will think of you and how much fun I had that day being inspired by all the things you created.


  5. That is the cutest booth ever!

  6. JunkyJo's Secondhand CottageSeptember 24, 2012 at 11:21 PM

    Loved looking at your blog!!! My style is shabby, cottage, farmhouse which probably explains why I would love to crawl inside your pictures and stay forever!!!


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