Friday, December 23, 2011

Scout and her Feathered Friend

It's been 4 weeks tomorrow (Friday) Since my Sweet Maggie left this earth bound for heaven ..with a new and healthy doggie body. I miss her more than words can even describe. I still look for her, I still here sounds and think she needs my help getting up, I still look for her face when I bound down the stairs in the morning .. and these things shall fade in strength over time ..but my Love and Memories of her will be forever.

Since Maggies passing .. Our Sweet Scout has gathered a new friend. It was only a week or so after Maggie passed that I first saw this little feathered friend .. hopping on Scouts hip with scout staring strait at her and looking as though it was just an every day occurence that she let a bird hop upon her.

A few days later ... I saw this little wren onto the porch near scouts dog house ..and hop inside it .. About 20 minutes passed and I stepped outside for some reason which I cannot now recall and out from inside Scouts Dog House ..the little bird flew had been sitting in their the whole time.

A day or so later as I sat at my desk just next to our sliding glass doors which pier onto the back porch and yard ... Early in the morning .. I noticed scouts pink blanket in the yard which got there because scout was up and somehow dragged it out of her bed and onto the back lawn with her.

A few seconds later I saw the little bird flitter right down to the yard and hop around on the grass and eventually made it onto the blanket as you see above and just nestled there for at least 5 minutes before Scout returned from her early morning routine. I yelled for Abbey to come , grabbed my camera this time and we watched in amazement....

Normally Scout comes back and if their is a blanket in the yard she will lay on it and begin sun bathing ..

However ... as she rounded the corner as you can see below she immediately noticed her feathered friend .. she stared at it for a few minutes as if to say move on little feathered friend so I can lay on  my blanket ... but the bird would not budge...

Scout rarely gives in to anything she is a VERY determined old dog ..(104 yrs old) or (almost 17 yrs old) we all say at her age she has a right to do what she pleases. Well anyhow she actually gave in and turned around to head back out in the yard and the little bird hopped along beside her before flying up onto the back of one of our Motel Chairs and sitting their for quite some time.

It's funny you see videos and pictures of dogs and cats and birds befriending one another but you never think it will happen in your own back yard.

It's been absolutely delightful to see Scout and this little bird take to one another. Scout is such a sweet old dog. She's not the beauty she once was ..her body is thin and she walks just like a frail old person .. She needs a sweatshirt to keep warm for lack of a thick coat of fur at her age .. But she's all their mentally. She doesn't miss a thing and she still knows at what time she wants dinner even if we don't ..LOL ! Every night she puts her head literally against the sliding door and peers in to tell us it's time to eat.  And Eat does she ever ..Each night she downs about 3 to 4lbs of fresh food.  Our veterinarian is just amazed that she has lived so long for a Golden Retriever as are we !

We miss having Scout inside as she was an inside dog all her life until the last year. Although she always preferred the outdoors. But about a year ago she returned to puppyhood where going potty is concerned and wants to get up and tinkle 5, 6 , 7 times a night and well that was more than Abbey could bare. We took her to the vet and she's fine's just old age. So we created a wonderful heated dog house for her to stay in throughout the day and night ..She is still allowed in when she asks, which isn't often as she loves, loves, loves to just lay in the sun all day long. And when she does come in she doesn't stay long and asks to right back out. I think maybe she would have liked to be outdoors all her life  ???

Scout has been with us since she was 6 weeks old ..She had a tough life starting out as she was a sick little girl for a long time... but she beat that ..and here she is 17 years later still going.

We are so blessed to have had her for so many years as we were Maggie as well they both beat the odds of aging for their breed . "Especially Scout"


And after the loss of Maggie my arms were empty .. my hands were aching to touch and pet ... my heart has been overflowing with love to give ..and Abbey, I and Papa Fred all agree our house is so empty of the sweet spirit Maggie brought to it ..

So a new addition will be arriving in mid January to our home ..

I'll be sharing more about that very soon ...


Wishing everyone a Beautiful and Merry Christmas ..



  1. What a sweet little observation and story! Sara you are such a good writter. I love that this little birdie be friended Scout, so cute. Have a Merry Christmas!XO Christie

  2. Hi know who that little bird is, don't you? I think Maggie had a LOT to do with it :)
    What a sweet post, Happy Holidays!

  3. I love that sweet story...thanks for sharing and sweet holiday blessings to you all as you get ready for your new addition. Love all your creations and farmhouse finds!


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