Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Custom Order I won't forget ..

Last week as we unpacked and brought our home back to order .. I received a request for a custom runner ..

I am always up for a custom order, as I enjoy creating a new idea and working on something different than my own designs.

The request was that it read " The Hall Family " The catch was it was over 9ft. in length.

Can you imagine the fabulouse dining room table it is going to top.

So of course I wanted photos of this runner for future reference and in my little nest ..we don't even have room for a dining Abbey and I gathered up our 2 4 foot folding tables and made our own makeshift farmhouse table .. threw on some old burlap and Vintage Lace tablecloths ..and topped it with this fabulous 9+ foot runner.

And here it is ...

I so enjoyed making this and I'm hoping I might persuade my client to send me a photo of it on her table ... we shall see.

And speaking or Runners ... Tonight that is pacific time ..I'll be adding more than a half dozen customized runners in our Etsy shop HERE

And now that we are unwinding from the show and I have a little down time .. I have time to do some blogging again ... Here are a few of the topics I'm getting ready to share .. Scout and her Feathered Friend, Vintage Sewing Machines,  A peek at our newly decorated living area,  And my sweet little suprise that will arrive on Jan. 14th .. just to name a few stand by dear sweet blogerette friends ... for some fun posts just ahead ..

In the meantime ..I hope you all are enjoying Christmas festivities, Family and Friends and Cherishing the Reason for the Season .



  1. OMGoodness!
    It is gorgeous and Huge!!!
    I would love to have a farm table that long, and a house big enough to fit it in. ;)

    You out did yourself on this one... It is Amazing.
    Yes, I hope they agree to send photos. I would love to see.


  2. I LOVE this runner! You did a great job! Now off to see more of your Etsy shop! I LOVE my new dish towels!


  3. OK Sara first of all. This runner is absolutely gorgeous! I shall make one for next year for our Christmas/B-Days party.
    I really would love to order one. I will show you Sunday what I would like and where it will go. Well done my friend, what a special custom order. Ciao Rita

  4. Oh my! How Beautiful. You done an amazing job! That is one loooong runner, lol!

  5. that is beautiful, what a wonderful keepsake!!


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