Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Romancing The Farmhouse ...

Every House ...Farmhouse or not needs a little softness and romance ..

A sweet feminine touch that gives the home beauty and fills it with the sense of scrumptious goodness...

Abbey and I have talked much about the subject of decorating the home and how times have so drastically changed...that now the Man of the home has become more involved in home decor.

It wasn't very long ago ..that the Home was the womens domain ..She primped and decorated it to her liking ..and the man of the home was glad to let her ..

We've gone back over the ages when in the 1800's floral wallpaper ..long draperies ..floral carpets and decorative furniture adorned the home ... and jumping ahead to the 1940's ..the home was filled with cottage florals and pastels ..Even the 60's and 70's all filled with flower power ...and neon and burnt orange ..still lent a feminine touch ..but as time has passed..life has changed and so has the idea that the woman adds the touches of femininty to the home ...

Oh I know for many of us ..we still have those awesome men in our life who aren't flower, lace, shabby, chippy, or pastel challenged like others I know. We are so blessed !!!

I personally feel a little feminine touch to the home ...bring a sense of peace, and gentle kidness and warmth ..that no other style or touch can bring ..and I'm so glad to have the feminine touch part of our home.

This last month ..I was inspired by all the Feminine touch gals out there ..that were creating their beautiful and lucious lace pocket pillows ..and I was spurred on by that creativity to create my own pocket pillows with my own design and feminine touch ...

Here are just a few that I've completed ..

Each One ...Custom Designed..Each one a One of a Kind ..

I just began listing the above pillows in our Etsy shop today ...Click HERE to enjoy our Farmhouse Finds.

Add a little Feminine Touch to your Home Sweet Vintage Home !

I'm linking up with Faded Charms ..White Wednesday

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Thanks for stopping in and feel free to leave me a convo. in my Etsy shop if you would like.

In the meantime enjoy my posts until I find a fix ...



  1. What beautifully sweet pillows!

  2. Gorgeous pillows!
    Beautiful blog!!

    Pamela :)

  3. S t u n n i n g !!!!!! Love these to bits!
    Have a great day.

  4. So soft and lovely, awesome sweet things....

  5. Positively beautiful! Do they sell well for you down there? Mine didn't do so hot here:(...
    I just got your comment for my anniversary post...you were young:)
    but isn't GOD good?!
    Your words of support for my *mess* have encouraged me so much...thank you for sharing your heart with me!

  6. And they're gorgeous! I agree about the feminine touch. Thank goodness my husband actually likes flowers. LOL

  7. These pillows are just gorgeous! They are definitely showstoppers for sure. Thanks for sharing them with us today. Happy WW!

  8. Beautiful pillows! Well done.

    Happy WW,

  9. I always love to visit your blog, it brings out the feminine side to me. Your pillows are so beautiful and sweet, just love them. God bless. Cathy


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