Tuesday, January 18, 2011

White Wednesday at Sweet Magnolias Farm...

Welcome to White Wednesday at Sweet Magnolias Farm ...

I can't remember a time that White wasn't part of our home .. in the late 80's and early 90's ...Our home was filled with Cottage and Shabby Chic ..before the term had ever been recognized .. From Gorgeous Cabbage Rose Florals ..to our Beautiful White Mantel and white Built in corner cabinets ..and the list goes on...

Working with shades of white ... is a love for us .. Layering new and old chippy and tattered and oh so worn pieces together ...

Abbey fell in love with Vintage Beach Cottage decor ..Not the new stuff the authentic old stuff in 05 and 06 ... and our living area has been dressed in a vintage seaside style ..were you could find many unclaimed jewels...

With the new year Abb was ready for a whole new style ..so out with the seaside and in with Vintage Whites and Blues ..a sweet eclectic cottage style .. With all Abbeys collection of Birds Nest's and Birds ..themed vintage pieces ..

It's all still a work in progress ..but for our WW ..I thought I would share a few of our favorite things that Abb has been designing ..

Old, Creggy, browned and chipped transferware is a favorite of ours and though it was once plentiful to find ..I think so many of us feel in love with it ..that there is not as much out there to find as there once was ..which leaves us treasuring the pieces we have ...such as this old teapot ..

Many years back to many to count now ..we frequented a local antique shop ...and to our excitement this sweet "blue bird" spice set was awaiting us .. I've never seen another like it ...and considering we love our birds around here ..I think it's found a life long permanent home...

This Old cupboard ..we found at Country roads over 10 yrs ago ..the back on it was just junky old pressed board ..so to keep with the old farmhouse style the original part of the cupboard was we re-backed it in reclaimed Dog-eared Fence board that had been painted a shade of white and was perfectly tattered from the years it fenced in someones yard .. It was such a perfect marriage !

So here's the Grandfather Clock we stumbled on at a yard sale 3 or 4 years ago ... It's just one of those cheapy battery operated style clocks you would get at wal-mart .. when we found it ..it was in it's original cherry wood finish and the pendelum was broke out of it ..but the clock worked .. Abbey loved it ... it reminded her of the one in " Father of the Bride" movie with Steve Martin ..that she drooled over for years and found similiar ones for sale but for 1000's of dollars which wasn't going to happen for her ..so this was one of those thrilling finds that she instantly had a vision for .. To go with her seaside style ..we painted it a light blue ..distressed it ..and then abbey added shells on the chains ..Fish netting in the back and an oversized starfish to the inside to replace the pendelum look of the clock ..

So Now with our style change ....Guess what color it is ...???

Creamy White ...Yep ...and it's our work in progress .. We have 10 million ideas for designing the inside of the door area ..and we can't make a definite decision yet .. But it will come in time and when it does ..I'll share with you the transformation ..

Of course ..with our love of birds ..we of cours love coo-coo clocks ...But not so much the wood grain ...and this coo has gone coo coo for white ...And I love how it turned out ..all the detail of the clock shows so beautifully now ...and it's hung on an old tattered Blue paint wood door ...
More to come on our living area make-over as it progresses ..but for now we are enjoying it's wonderfully cozy and homy feeling that it evokes ..

My last pict. is a sweet window I worked on today ..

Romancing the Home ...that sums it up Beautifully ...Just what a dreamy white home feels like .. Romantic ...

The window will be heading out to our shop this week sometime ..just as soon as we get all our list of projects finished up to go ..

Wishing you all a Beautiful WW ..Thank you to Kathleen of Faded Charm for hosting WW !!!



  1. ...love, Love, LOVE the grandfather clock!!
    ~ and the romantic window too:)

    xo, Rosemary

  2. Oh everything looks so beautiful... I just love the clock with the sea shells and the Fish netting, it's really pretty... and what a great color too!!! I bet that window sales really quick, it's gorgeous! Happy White Wednesday!
    hugs~~ Daphne

  3. The clocks are so wonderfully done. I also adore the window and it's saying.

  4. Okay I am drooling over the sweet bird spice set!!!! If you ever tire of them, please look me up!!! So cute and I have never seen anything like them either. Happy Wednesday! Love your photos :)

  5. Your clock, wow!! Before and after are both wowable!! It is all beautiful, thanks for sharing. Have a great day!


  6. I love all your whites. I love what you did to your clock with the shells - clever!


  7. Beautiful post.
    I can't wait to see what you do with the glass window of the clock.

  8. Love all your treasures today, especially the little bluebird set!!

    Happy WW!

  9. Hey Sara! I can't believe it but all this time I've been "following" your blog, I wasn't actually a "follower"! I have no idea how but I guess I never clicked the button. I've got certain blogs, like yours, in my favorites menu so I don't have to scroll down a big huge list. Then today I thought, how come SMF never shows up in my Fav blogs on my blog page? Well, that's why! Well, I'm fixing that problem now!
    Anyway, love the pics. Look forward to seeing you guys again in March! Have a blessed week dears!

  10. I love it all. Wish I were closer to shop your booth.

  11. I love the new clock makeover...I really like what Abbs had done b4 though with the seaside theme.



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