Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recycled and Upcycled ...White Wednesday ..

We are joining in Another Beautiful White Wednesday ... Hosted by Kathleen of Faded Charm ...

Here at Sweet Magnolias Farm ..we are true junkers ..

We're the gals that buy the "junk" ..that people exclaim ..what in the world do they want with that "Junk" ....and we just giggle ...


We see beyond what it is and what it can become ...

This week we created the fabulous table or desk whichever someone would like it to be ...from an old treadle sewing machine we picked up at a sale ..and was really beyond any desire the way it was ..

We removed the top and the drawers and were left with the base that was needing a top ...

Not wanting to buy new wood for the top ..or line up old planks we had ...we wanted something different ...and what better top could there be than an old Twin headboard ..which we cut the legs off of...

We added some decorative corbels on the sides with a wood plank back and decorative vintage top we had lying around ...Once they were married together and painted ..

Recycled, Re-Used, and Re-Created ....

they make a stunning match ...!!!

Happy White Wednesday ...

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  1. Girls that is such a perfect piece!!! You two are so full of talent! Happy WW to you both and lots of love to Papa Fred


  2. What a beautiful piece ladies and your booth looks awesome!


  3. Hello Ladies ~ Unique idea, love it in white ~ Much Love daily to you both ~ SissyDreTWO

  4. it turned out beautiful!!! you are sooooo clever!!!!

  5. Sara,
    You two amaze me continually! What a gift you have!!! The table is positively shabbylicious!

    I think of you every day...!
    The Jesus Calling book you gave me has blessed me more than words can say.

    I always love my visits to your farm.
    Holykisses xoxoxoxoxo

  6. HOW COOL IS THAT?!!!!! I am interested if the treadle still worked before you painted it? My grandmother had one when I was small - we used to run upstairs and make it rock back and forth, as fast as we could - until one of us would catch a finger in the grate. LOVE this!

    Just posted a link on my sidebar to your apron giveaway - I actually posted (just by coincidence) an apron on WW, last evening - thanks a million - Tanya

  7. That piece is gorgeous. I love all the little extra's you added to it to make it your own. ~~Sherry~~

  8. Smart and creative, love it. Thanks for sharing,


  9. What a fabulous transformation. I really like the pieces you added to the back and sides. Great job.


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