Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Money Matters ....Humbly and Respectfully Honoring God's Blessings

Money Matters ..

The last week I've been thinking about money ...Not that I'm having money issues ..but just about money in general and how hard it is to come by.

In these times Most people are squeezed for money ..there's less of it ..But I think we are all human and we all still like to shop a bit ..and buy this or that ..rather you love the mall and buying new shoes, purses, and clothes ..or like us you love antiques and Vintage living items.

Sometimes just going out and getting a little something is fun ..sometimes it lifts our spirits ..and sometimes it's just a Great Treat ...however with all the costs that arise ..the house payment ..the electric bill, shopping for school clothes and necessities ..and getting the car fixed ..etc ..it sure ends up draining the pocket book quickly.

Growing up Abbey ( mom) was always resourceful ..Papa Fred was in Construction and well when it rained he didn't work and when equipment was broke down he didn't work ..there was times in between jobs with no money ..and well they even went through the recession of the 1980's when work was scarce and money was very little. Our plates were filled with alot of beans many nights ..and we all wore clothes from the clearance rack and wore them till they fell off or didn't fit anymore and Mom always sacraficed by not buying anything new for herself that us kids would have our needs which meant bras pinned with safety pins and wore out shirts and jeans for her. We didn't have A/C in the house ..No Pool to keep us cool...in the summer and in the winter we bundled up in front of our wood burning fire place to keep warm. The One thing we did have were animals and we were taught that they were our responsibility as a family therefore that meant they had to be fed and cared for that ..so we had to share the income with them...

Abbey was given the wisdom by our good Lord to see ways to help in the times Dad's income waned. I remember once she took a part time job at a florist ..and my sister was old enough to work so she worked there too. I also remember back when "Padded Photo Albums" were the craze way back when ...Mom was making them right and left to help make extra money. She had yard sales with whatever she could find ..and believed that God would provide every morsel we needed for nourishment and would provide our needs by bringing ways to make money and he surely did that... I must say as a young little girl I never new we went without ..I never knew I didn't have that doll that was popular or that we didn't have newest electronic gadgets ..Oh my friends had them I remember that ..but it never occurred to me that I didn't have it ..I was more than content with my old dog Daisy ..My roller skates and record player and going round in circles in the garage to the song Do Run Run ...LOL !!

With all that said ..Abbey has always taught me to be resourceful and that there's always a way to make even a little money ....and sometimes that means the work is harder than the wages are big ..but being humble and not thinking your too good or your worth more than that is very important. ...One example is in recent years we made a long move ..the moving company was going to charge well over Twelve thousand dollars ..which we didn't have ...so we found a place that would bring us the semi-trailor drop it off and give us 3 days to load it ourselves. ..this meant a savings of ..8,000.00 ...So we did it ..!!! And you know what she taught me ..that I paid myself over 4,000.00 in 3 days and where could I go make that kind of money in that short of time ..So smart she is and so right ..!! No I didn't have 4,000.00 in my hand per say ..But I sure wasn't in debt to some company for it ..and In esscence I did pay myself that much for my own services.

It's all about how we look at money ..where we spend it and how we spend it ..sometimes making the right choices allows us to not only feel good about ourselves but ..it allows us to have some extra to buy that something special we want without going into debt ...but sometimes that means a little hard work and just maybe doing something we don't like ....

All that said I thought today that I would share a few ideas and give you a boost into making some extra money that just maybe you hadn't given thought too ..or you did and just decided against it ..and maybe I'll change your mind ..

1st up is the ever so Popular One ...

Have a Yard Sale

I know many people just don't want to have a yard sale ..I understand the drudgery of having to go through the house, garage or barn ..and pulling everything out ...your right it is alot of work ..and then comes putting it all out and pulling it all in each evening and maybe it's too hot or humid ..I agree there can be alot of things that make you say "NO" !!!

But consider this ..did the kids grow out of there old clothes and there still good ..What if you found that you had 50 pieces of clothing from the kids ..and you put them out and asked between 50 cents and a $1- for them ..well you could gross between $25- and $50- ...in just a few short hours and that's just on the clothes ..so do you have some old wood ..old crates ..and old broken down chair ..a Really good chair .. Some old srub brushes or some cleaning products you bought but didn't use ..(just because you didn't like them doesn't means someone else doesn't) Also ..some old dishes that you don't use or Utensils .. Really the list of things is endless !!!

And the one thing Abbey always taught me that I have found most valuable is never to look at something and say who would want that piece of junk !!! ... Seriously ..put everything out even what you consider junk ..you'll be suprised the old addage ..one man's junk is another man's treasures is REALLY TRUE !!!
The Other thing she taught me is ..if you were walking down the street and a $10- ..$20- or $50- bill etc. was laying on the ground ..would you pick it up or walk over it ?... I'm sure you answered I would walk over it ...right !!! ...NOT >.... we would all pick it up wouldn't we ..so why do we walk over and around all that money laying around our homes ..it may not be in green cash ..but all the same it took green cash to buy it ..and it can bring some green cash back your way.

By the time you pull from the house all these things you don't use anymore or don't need and put them out ..even if you made $200- from it all ..it's a heck of alot more than just giving it away ..and really if your not someone with some high paying job where are you going to make $200- tax free in just a few short hours ..?? And if you do have a high paying job ...well Abbs always taught me it doesn't matter how much you make it's all about respecting your money and realizing you gave a little of your life away to get that stuff you now don't use or call junk now !!

When you have a Yard Sale ..you don't have to have it for 8 hours a day ..Have it 1 or 2 days .. and have it from 8 or 9 in the morning till noon or 1 in the afternoon ..really that's only just 4 or 5 hours work ...for some cash in the hand ..to pay that bill or buy that special something you want ..

The work will be a bit hard ..but the end result will be worth it ..!!!


My Second idea for making some extra money ...is Craigs List ...

If you haven't tried it you should !!

I tried it for the first time last month and did GREAT !!

Do you have a bedroom set you would like to get rid of ???

how about a dining table and chairs ...??

Maybe a desk ...or a cupboard ..shelving unit ..etc ...

It's very easy to list on Craigs List any beginneer can do it...

And don't be afraid ...just be sure to have your item put out in your garage or outside your house ...and have a friend or family member be with you when you show your piece to someone who has made an appt. to view it.


#3 ...another way to make some very good money right now is through Gold ..yes Gold !!

Gold is at a high price right now and places are popping up everywhere looking to buy it from you.

The smallest little handful of mismatched earrings ..broken necklaces and the such can add up rather quickly.

Just search out your jewelry box for all that gold jewelry you have had over the years that you don't want anymore or is no good ..and then start going or calling places and asking what the rate they pay is. Find the one that pay's the most ..even do some bartering by letting one shop know another is willing to pay a higher rate that do they want to pay more for you to bring it to them ..Hey it's always worth a shot right !!!

Anyhoo ..that small bit of jewelry in your palm could mean 4 or $500 bucks .. ..you never know ..I would even be happy with $50- ...


So there's 3 ways to make some quick Cash ...a Great way to quickly pay a bill ...buy some groceries ..or even some extra spending cash to take to the mall or your favorite flea market.

There's always ways if you just think about it ..to put some extra cash in your pocket ..sometimes it requires work beyond what we like ..but if we are humble and willing to respect the money and the things that our good Lord has provided for us ..He will honor your actions and Bless you in return.

I know that to be very true ...One year when I was little ..God Honored My Parents for their humble attitudes and their respect for what he had provided and when the tax man made out their taxes that year ..He told them he didn't understand how they could have made it on the meager income that showed on paper ..how was it possible there was even money for food ...??? God sent Blessings in amazing ways that year ...and brought us through ..and the Glory was all his !!!

Even Today ..when life is a bit more comfortable than those years when I was young ..I can say countlessly that God continues to honor our home with many blessings and in part I know that is because we have humbled ourselves to do whatever work he put's in front of us and because we are thankful for even the things we now don't use..thankful enough to see that they still have value.

So get inspired ..Be Humble and Find Respect ...in all that God Has Blessed you with ..and he'll bless you all over again !

Wishing you all a beautiful Week and Many of God's Blessings to pour out on you !

Hands To Work Hearts To God ...

Sincerely ...Sara


  1. Oh my sweet friends you are correct... I have been thinkinhg about this alot since Abbs talked to me over the weekend. Would you believe on Sunday when we went to Kohls, I went to through out my gum in the ashtray/trash can and i found 20 cents and started my found coin can :) I tell you this is a great post and I sure hope it inspires others as it has inspired me.

    xo and blessings,

  2. Wonderful post full of sage, wise advice and in tune with my week's Sabbath Keeping post.

  3. it is funny when you start thinking about it!!!
    I really need to have a yard sale,,,I dread it thou...but with this fabulous!!!! weather I should..but what a pain..hahaha, have a wonderful week!!!

  4. Hello
    Amazing blog post as always! I am very glad to see your post, I located what I was in search of here
    Thank you!


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