Monday, August 16, 2010

Double The Fun ...a Jam Packed Junking weekend

What a weekend ...!!!

This weekend was packed full of fun ...but oh boy are we tired today. All the being tired in the world though was worth the fun weekend we had...

Friday Morning Abbey and I met up with Sheila of Tattered Goods once again and headed off early that morning for another round of fun at a Great Sale ....

We shopped till our pocket books hurt but we found alot of Great Vintage Finds that Sheila can't wait to share with you at her store in Fallbrook, CA as well as the Chateau De Fleurs show in September and that goes ditto for us.

I have to just say it's been great to meet and befriend Sheila ..she's given us a bit of hope where we had lost some that is in Friends. In this fun business of Vintage finds over the years lets just say when it comes to people we've had our share of sadness in behaviours and attitudes ..making us a bit Shy if you will in getting too close to anyone for fear things would come out bad. It's been nice to find a friend that shares and shares alike ...and what I mean by that is ..Sheila and Us (abbey and I) well we have very similiar tastes and loves for the same things ..and therefore it can be pretty easy to become hurt if someone gets something you want.. I know that sounds pretty Petty but believe me I've expereinced it with people...We all figured out a great system and that's to share. We just went along found our goods and helped each other find things and if there where any extras of anything well we just split them down the middle and that way we both got some....It's made for a wonderful shopping experience together ...and If only others could find that happy medium it would make for some great experiences with their own friends know it's not always about what you get but about the good time you have....Now all that being said ...

After about 3 hours of digging for our fun Finds friday morning we paid up and then it was the dreaded part ..Loading it all up ...

I condensed boxes so we could get it all in the truck ..while Abbs figured how it was going to go in and ..Sheila was waiting in the back of the truck for the hand off and to start getting everything stacked in place ..

A Girl always needs to look her best when Loading !!!

A few of the finds we got ...this totally cute pink and red chair ..and these old glass light caps ...

How about all these windows ...Sheila got a few and so did we ..and I'm sure we both have similiar ideas for them along with adding our own touch to them ...I'm sure you'll be seeing them in their new life at her shop or the September show ...

I love the cabinet another one of those times with full hands when I found it ..cabinet in one hand ..a wagon in the other and a box full under my arm ..looking for help so I could keep shopping .....what's a gal to do !!! LOL !! Luckily a nice young man came along and helped me out ...

Sheila got this whole stack of old sock stretchers a wire shoe rack..a cast iron stand ..and some old chicken feeders .... I love them all but am partial to the sock stretchers ..we were going to split them ..but I already have some here at home there all Sheilas and I can't wait to see them displayed !!!

The Truck was only Half way full and it was looking a little sketchy that everything was going to fit ..Plus we were headed down to a place were I was picking up some old wood and I kept wondering it was going to happen ... I should really never wonder..Abbey is an amazing packer ..when you think there isn't any spare room left ..she finds it .....and thanks to her once again we got everything in right down to the wood later that day and a few other goods I might add ..

Oh Yes did I mention these yummy Antique doors ..they are too too wonderful !!! I'm a bit in love with them at the moment and imagining all sorts of ways to use them. Isn't it funny the castoffs of today that make some of us giddy !!! I have never had the chance to say it ..but if I did ...I'd say I'd take a chipped up tattered and "Crusty" old door ..table ..shelf get the idea ..over a diamond ring ..I'm definitely not the glamorous type ..just down to earth and in love with my vintage finds !!!

By the time we were finished ..the tail gate wouldn't close only the door of the camper shell so Papa Fred strung the tie downs around them best as they could be put so the miles ahead of us would be safeguarded we had quite a day still left ahead of us ..

After we loaded and we were filthy ..our hands black ..and our clothes caked in dirt ...Papa Fred decides us 3 girls should get a picture together ...
Abbey far right ... Sheila in the Middle and myself on the Left ...Oh gosh I'm rethinking the whole take pictures and pull my hair back thing ..

After this most flattering photo we all headed off to lunch ...of course Sheilas Favorite El Pollo Loco ...although I was in a cheeseburger mood and papa fred mexican so we got our food and took it to El Pollo so Sheila and Abbs could have some healthy chicken ..

Afterwards we headed out for some more fun a favorite haunt of ours ...and back home ..only to have plans for Sunday to head out early to the Long Beach Flea Market.
Yesterday at the flea market We had a Great time ...Filled our Market Carts to the brim ...and I got Sun Burned like a lobster ..I burn easy ... Afterwards we had a great lunch at Lucilles BBQ ..Yummy !!!!

...and then on the way home we took Sheila to Country Roads antique mall where she had never gone ..I'm pretty sure she liked it ..LOL !!!

...another full day and I think we were all ready to get home and call it a day ...we all got lots of fun new finds and most of all just had a great time enjoying each others company !!! Now it's time for all of us to get to work ..pricing ..listing...and tagging all our new goods ...

To read some more about our fun times visit Sheila's Blog Tattered Goods I know she'd love to hear from you !!!

I'll be listing some new finds in our Etsy Shoppe this week so check back for some fun pieces ...

Until then ...Have a Fun Filled Vintage Week ..

Blessings ..Sara


  1. I'm so glad you have a great junkin' buddy in Sheila, and sounds like you have a wonderful system worked out, Sharing...what a concept!! Great picture of the 3 of you. you're all such cuties! Hope your feet are feeling alot better by now!
    big MO hugs,

  2. First of all....I am hungry now! I love El Pollo Loco but haven't been there in ages, their chicken salad is my favorite. Second, oh my....everything is incredible, I love the doors a lot. You three girls look so happy together I am so glad that you have such a great relationship. How is Papa' Fred doing? Looking forward on seen you all at the Chateau. Ciao Rita

  3. how much guys are all soooo happy!!! at least you have friends who like to get dirty....I can't even take anyone with me, and alot wouldn't even treasure hunt where I go...oh, well, there loss, more treasures for me..hahaha

  4. Oh Sara, How fun it must be having such great BFFs to share your junking days with. I too, had a bad experience with someone that left me with hurt feelings and sadness for how some people, who you considered friends, can be selfish and petty over the silliest of things. I now sell at the FM with my best friend and the one person I don't have to watch my back with (my husband) and we have had the BEST of times...but I always wish I had BFFs I could junk with since my hubby can't always accompany me.

    You three are so blessed, I'm glad to see how much you appreciate each other!

    Looking forward to meeting you guys soon!!!

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful time!!! Good friends, good food, and great stuff!!!

  6. Just signed up to be a new follower of you ladies. What fun it sounds like your shopping trip was. Love all the details you gave and the neat pictures. God bless you and your daughter and your shopping buddy.


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