Saturday, April 17, 2010

Work, Work, Shop Shop, ..It's a hard Life .....!!!

Work, Work, Shop Shop ..and Work Some more's a Hard life ..but what's a girl to do ...!!!

Wow's been so long since I have sat down and blogged or done any computer work. Such a drastic change from the norm for me.

Honestly ..we have been working round the clock as of late..Abbey and I decided to do the Olivenhain Grove Sale ..last week after knowing all was good with my Dad and we felt we could get back into the swing of things ..with all that has gone on the last month we truly lost track of time after dedicating ourselves to the show ..we looked at the calender ..Yes we did things a bit backwards ..LOL !!

Well needless to say ..we needed to put the pedal to the metal ..and go, go, go.

Between keeping up with shopping know a girl can't miss out on that ..those Estate Sales and Yard Sales just call out ..and the little white truck is trained to turn at every sign ...Then ..working on those new finds up ..sprucing up and dressing up ...It seems the days just fly by ....and before you know it the calender has turned it's pages without a gal realizing it.

So First of all ..last weekend ..Abbey and I hit this great estate sale ..We got all kinds of Great finds ..but something fun we got that we are addicted to is antique and vintage linens. Well this tarp was laid out and piled with them ..and the guy told us to load our arms up and every arm load was a $1- ...well my arms nearly grew 10ft. long in 10 seconds flat ...And so did Abbeys !

Abbey is the Clean Queen when it comes to the linens ..she dedicates alot of time to cleaning and restoring the ones she can and making sure the pieces that will be incorporated into our offerings are clean and smell good....So below I snapped a quick shot of our armfulls of linens we aquired at the estate sale their pre-soaking stage. Oh was the water filthy and stink. I don't think these linens had seen a good cleaning in well over 50 years. ICK !!!

Among the days of Cleaning will generally find us woking on new offerings right now for the Olivenhain Grove Sale ... Below are several sneek peeks at pieces in progress that will be heading to the show with us ...Remember sneek peek ..the anticipation will be in seeing them in person at the show be there or be square and get their early...gates will not open until 10 a.m. First in line gets the pickins ...!!!

Think Spring ..nests and Bird houses ... ..Above are a few that will be turned into an offering you will love for the inside of your home ..A One Of a Kind piece of Home Decor...

White Wire ...Garden Chic ..inside or out ... ...Come see what this architecural element belongs too !!!

A Garden Urn ...ready to be planted .. ...Perferct Garden Charm !!!

An Old Window ...but just not any old window ..this one is having the Sweet Magnolias Farm ..Special Touch added to it ...

These acorns and maple leaves decorate a wonderful piece .....Think TEA ....!

Do you love Garden Statuary ..bird baths and vintage Garden Elements ???? This guy ..will be headed to the show ..and is part of a 3 tier fountain ..Wait till you see it !!!

This Vintage Luggage Rack ..was one of our latest finds ...and when I saw it ..I instantly had our Farmhouse Romance Style invisioned for it. ..It's in a lucious cream ..aged to perfection ..and has gorgeous farmhouse burlap straps with vintage lace trimming the centers. ...Yes it will be at the show ...although it's hard to let go of ..because I So ...LOVE it !!

This Vintage Vanity seat ...not so pretty when we found it ..But We Gave it the old Farmhouse Charm ..It's Lovely wire Frame a yummy cream ...the seat topped in Burlap ..a vintage lace skirt ..and's perfection for a seat at the computer desk ..or extra seating in a living space ..or even at the end of the bed in the bedroom for sitting to put on or take off your shoes. Even perfect in the bathroom .. a lovely place to adorn your slippers ...and Yes it too will be headed to the show....


Well of course ..while we are out shopping for new finds to offer ...sometimes we happen on something we just can't give up at the moment. Today ..we happened upon this beautiful wicker in the most perfect shade of blue that reminds Abbey and I of the ocean ..a place we love to go during the summertime. Her and I dream of being able to live on the ocean ..taking walks each morning and evening ..while the waves crash and the sand squishes between our toes ..and can you imagine lying in bed as the ocean breeze blows in an open window and the light cotton sheers lightly drift to each side of the window sill ..the smell of the ocean aire drifts in ..and your dreams are sweet .... ..We dream of it ..One day ..maybe ..

Isn't this set so Sweet ..they are wonderfully oversized ..a chair and a rocker plus a matching ottoman not seem. They have naturally aged to perfection ..we have cleaned them up today and plan on adding a nice coat of spar varnish to seal the paint and keep it good condition for another few years ...We're not sure where it's going to be put yet ..but we know it's staying with us for now.

I hope all of my blog friends are doing well ..that life is treating you good ..and that the Good Lord is shining his light upon you. Until Next Time ....

Your Kindred Friend ...Sara


  1. You girls sound and look so so busy...and so happy doing it! Love all you've been working on!
    THANK you so much for your compassion and sweet words of encouragement!

  2. Dear Sara,

    It sounds like you and Abbey have been having a lot of fun! I know the show will be wonderful! I wish I could come! I love all of the beautiful photos you shared. I think my favorite it the vanity bench! So romantic and beautiful!

    I love the chairs you found too. I know you both will enjoy them for years to come! May the good Lord shine his light upon you too! Love, Paula

  3. YOu have been busy! Glad to hear your dad is doing well. I love the seat! Feel free to visit my blog and post!

  4. Sara, I sure wish you lived closer 'cause I would be in heaven trolling the estate sales with you and Abs! Now if you've never checked out SC as a place to hang your hat, you might want to think about it. Where we live, in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we are only 3 1/2 hours away from Charleston, and oh, the treasure hunting from here to there! LOL! Have a ball at the show girls, and hope you do really well. F.Y.I., I repainted my Victorian wicker plant stand last spring with white spray enamel, and it's holding up really well.


  5. wow, wow, and wow, everything is gorgeous!!! you are going to sell out!!!! how fun!

  6. You've been busy girls!
    Have to say, I am LOVIN birdhouses right now, and the way you skirt your little benches makes me OH SO HAPPY!

    Welcome back Kotter!!!

  7. It's fun to be busy! Everything looks beautiful!!
    Have a wonderful week,


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