Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sneek Peek of my works in Progress ...

Hey there all ...Hope your making it through the summer heat ...It's blazing hot here ...and I just looked at our week temps and we have heat warnings...We're showing a 102 degrees with single digit humidity over the next 5 days with possible records of heat ....Ugggg ....I am so not a heat gal ...!!! Patty of Toad Hollow Primitives keeps urging us to move to Maine ..where she wants to go and live ...But I'm not sure ..the cold temps may equal these hot temps ...?? Hmmmm

Well all this hot weather is obviously keeping this gal indoors ..so I have been working on some new offerings ..that I will be listing the first week of September ...At our Early Works Mercantile Store ..Our WSOAPP store ..our Etsy Story ..and of course Our Website ...!

Now remember these are sneek peeks ...so your just getting a tidbit ...of each one I have prepared ...plus I'm working on a few more ..so those are not even here yet.

So The first 1 is my Fall/Harvest Creation....

The Second one is ...our Seaside Creation ..which I'm giving you 2 peeks at ...

And 3rd ...is a fabulous Farmhouse keep ...with a deep barn red ..denim blue ..and accents of black ..that is exquisite...

Alrighty ...those are my sneek peeks ..hope you enjoyed stay tuned for their list dates...

Have a Beautiful week ..Friends ..



  1. oooooo, looks like they are going to be gorgeous, but all your work is, i would love to live at the east coast, i to don't like to be cold, so that is a hard choice

  2. Sara, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! I can see I am going to have fun perusing your blog! ~Mindy


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