Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Preparing all new offerings for Our Web Site

A Sneek Peek at just part of what's coming Soon
Sweet Magnolias Farm

It's been a busy 2 days so far ..we have been preparing our web site "Sweet Magnolias Farm" ..with all new offerings.

When we had Sara of Graphic Pretties collaborate on creating our new graphics ..I told her just get rid of everything ..we are starting Fresh. Well this starting Fresh is quite the job. But will be well worth it in the end I am sure. We were looking for a different layout and style ..something more US ..Our last graphics were a choice based on ..Gee this will do the job to get started none they were very nice Sara Created those too ..but they just weren't us in the end.

You wouldn't believe the pile I have on my desk right now ..of offerings I have taken picts of and am writing descriptions on and pricing. I was looking at it thinking oh my gosh look at all this ..then I started counting up what was here ..and Oh my Gosh's not even a dent in what actually needs to be done !! LOL !!

So ...Today will be full of more picture taking ..more offerings added work work !!

I want their to be a huge amount of offerings all different and unique ..not just the same thing over and over again.

In the meantime while I sit here working ...Maggie is laying beside me as she always does ..keeping watch of the Kitchen .. She is a foodaholic ...Not that we let her be ..but she keeps watch for the smallest crumb to fall and then she is off and on to it quicker than a bee on a flower.

The last few days she has been getting a treat she loves ..Beef Rib Bones ...a week ago we went to our favorite BBQ joint out here Lucilles and the bigger part of our family loves Beef Ribs ..I always make everyone save the bones and ask for a huge take home box then store them in the frig and dole them about between Maggie and Scout ...over a few weeks time. Oh you should see them when we pull the box out of the frig ...doing the Happy Dog Dance.

It's a bit messy so I have some extra white flat sheets that I use for drop cloths etc. ..I lay one of those out they get on and go to chewing like they have had no better treat ever. They clean up what us humans didn't get off and then start to chewing the bone and knawing it down. I will tell you it's one way we have learned to keep the Vet Bill down. The Bones clean their teeth beautifully ,,which in turns helps their gums with gingivitis and the Marrow of the bone is super healthy for them. So It's a win win situation.

Well this morning we have had quite the blunder here at home. We have always used a pressure cooker ..for cooking meats. More now than ever ..since my dad had his heart surgery and we keep to a healthier diet. Anyhow ...this morning Whole chickens were being pressure cooked for the Dogs ..that is part of their meal at night. Well we got to chatting and forgot to turn the fire down under the pot ..the rocker was rocking beautifully ..then all of a sudden we heard terrible hissing ..of course we were upstairs we came down running find Chicken broth spewing and spitting clear up in the kitchen the ceiling, walls, Everything...we got the fire turned off and ..well it's been an hour and Abbey is still cleaning. We have NEVER had this happen in over 30 yrs of using a pressure cooker. Thank Goodness the Lid didn't blow off ..Abbey turned it on and just forgot to turn the flame down before coming up and then we got to talking and Well that's what's called and "ACCIDENT' !!! ...that's how they happen.

So it's been an eventful morning here ..if you love the smell of chicken ..well you would love our house right now ..Poor Maggie ..I had to pull her out of the kitchen ....she was trying to lick the tile flooring. LOL !!!

I guess it's time to get back to work nothing is going to happen all by itself ...Darn was hoping to wiggle my nose and it would all be done ..LOL !!

By the way Thanks to all of you who re-added yourself as a follower and re-added my new blog to your blog ...and Thanks to those who have left comments ..we have appreciated them GREATLY !!!! We are looking forward to newcomers too ..and welcome everyone to be part of The Sweet Magnolias Farm Blog

Blessings to you all ...Your Kindred Friend ...Sara

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  1. Ha, Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I'm so sorry Sara and Abbey, but that was a very funny story. I can't stop giggling with the dogs licking the floor.


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