Friday, January 19, 2018

Hey Y'all .. hope this posts finds you all warm and cozy in your home sweet homes be from the cold of winter or just the enjoyment of curling up in a good soft blanket and watching a favorite movie ..

Speaking of cold ..Winter found it's way to the Ozarks once again and like much of the north, midwest, south and east coast .. we too had a bit of snow.

I'm one of those gals that loves winter, loves the cold and loves snow.... so I always enjoy a good snowstorm that moves in. I admit I'm the one that stays up til 1 or 2 in the morning waiting for those first beautiful snowflakes to fall .. and then I wander to bed for a short sleep and wake up so excited to see the beautiful white blanket that's fallen upon everything.. 

I always find it amazing how the snow brings such a quiet to the earth .. sounds are muffled and a quiet that stills the soul surrounds you. 

And I love getting out to take a drive (once it's safe) to take in the picturesque beauty .. just like those old fashioned wintery snow laden post cards of days gone by.  Roof tops for as far as the eye can see covered in white with bits of smoke billowing out of the chimneys ,, while rolls of hay line fields all with white blankets upon them .. trees and their branches trimmed in glistening white .. and all sizes of icicles hanging from rooftops ... to me these are all a beautiful sight to behold. 

After our snowfall this last weekend .. my family and I got out for a fun snow day drive .. we headed west and then south through the small quaint town of Hurley .. then a quick stop in Crane to walk through a few shops .. Stopped for Homemade pie at the Classey Corner .. and then wound our way further south for a trip to the Y bridge in Galena ... .. 

It was a fun and beautiful day full of lots of tummy and eye candy .. 
Enjoy these beautiful winter photos of the James River and Y Bridge ..

Loved the suns reflection in the river below..

When we arrived there were a few set of deer tracks in the snow and one set of humans .. 



 Lots of tracks in the snow from my fun loving Flossie dog that had the best time playing in the snow.


The Beautiful Y Bridge

 Me and my Sweet Flossie... having a whole lot of fun playing in the snow ..

Well the snow is all but melted the weather is warming the sun is out shining and rain is on it's way .. another favorite of mine .. I guess you could just say that I love all sorts of weather .. 

Now it's back to work .. and instead of running in the snow .. we'll be splashing in the rain puddles in the next few days ..
Until Next Time..

Wishing you all
Warm Winter Blessings 



  1. Beautiful pictures:) We actually had snow this past week too and it was SO pretty! ALL gone now and warmer weather this weekend. Have a blessed day dear Sara, HUGS!

  2. Such lovely photos! We got snow (and snow days) here in the south, as well. My doggies had the best time in it!

    Warm Blessings,

  3. Good for you, liking the snow and all. I am from the north country, and I dread the long months of winter. I look forward to the first snow, around Thanksgiving, and all through the the end of January, I am over it. Your photos are pretty, and look like you are having fun. Great blog you have here!
    God Bless You!


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