Friday, October 10, 2014

Choosing Joyful and Prayerful ...

Hey you all .. hope you are having a Beautiful Friday ..a lovely start to your weekend.
You may have noticed my blog posts came to a roaring halt the last couple of weeks .. well once again .. I feel like a broken record ..but My Dad's been ill again.
Well I guess I can't say again.. it's more like he never fully recovered from his Surgery last October and having Sepsis in January of this year ..
He did well for a few months although he was severely anemic. The Doctors kept hoping his body would just kick back in and start making it's own blood again ..
But ... alas after waiting all these months it never has. Last month he started looking white, chalky and pail .. and feeling worse than ever back to the Dr.s  only to find out his blood levels had plummeted again.
We are now taking him to see a hematologist ..(blood dr,) .. which will be testing him for malnutrition which can occur from the fact part of his stomach was removed .. and therefore he can't absorb any nutrients including iron for his body to make blood .. So in the next week or so they will be testing him for that .. and then the next course of action will be taken which will be something called Iron infusions and possibly other treatments. As well they are giving him another endoscopy to check for bleeding too ..
I think earlier this year I titled my post about him "A Long and Tiring Journey" ... well that journey seems to continue and it most definitely has been a long Journey now nearing the 2 year mark .. and Tiring . .. yes most definitely.
Sometimes I get so frustrated that I just want him well again and for all of this to end .. and then I have to scold myself and realize what a poor attitude that is .. The Lord never promised that he will never give us more than we can handle but what he did promise is that..... In Matthew 19:26 Jesus said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”No matter what life hands us, just know that God will never give us more than HE can handle. We can’t do it all, but He can .....and I know that to be true throughout my life, he has never given me more than I can handle without his help .. so this too I know shall be the same.
I also know that there are people out there in this world going through far worse situations.. right down to losing a loved one that they desperately want back in this world and they would give everything to have them even if that meant going to Dr.s and hospitals etc ..There are families out there struggling every day right now because they have a child with cancer .. etc.. I can go on and on about the suffering that many people are enduring each day...   So every now and again I give myself a little pep talk and remind myself to get out of self and start thinking about others and remembering that God is always faithful, that he always meet my needs and even blesses me with the desires of my heart .. and that I can learn a great deal from this journey I am on. It's up to me to look for the things I can learn ... and to have the right attitude .. and when I don't to start over again ..  Attitude is everything .. you can either fight the journey and be miserable or you can have a joyful and prayerful attitude and make the journey so much smoother.  It doesn't mean you don't get frustrated, tired, weary, or that things will turn out the way we want them too , but it does mean that the Lord will be by my side to help me through each moment no matter what.
I'm choosing Joyful and Prayerful today !
Until Next Time ...


  1. I feel your pain. I walked this difficult journey with both my parents. My dad has a blood disorder called ITP in which is platelets plummeted. He awoke one morning with blood blisters in his mouth and blood pinpoints on his lower extremities. He was given platelets and cortisone and he was not better. He was sent to a hemotologist/oncologist thinking it was leukemia. Thank goodness it was not, but the disorder continued to plague him and he had to have chemo. It was so hard watching him deteriorate. We were struggling with my mother's diagnosis of dementia and having to care for both of them. Daddy's immune system was compromised when he got salmonella, shingles and continued to live for 5 years with congestive heart failure. Mom was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer and was gone within 6 months after 2 years of being in nursing home for dementia. Daddy passed away 6 months later. If I could say anything to you, I would say to take care of yourself. I didn't. It's hard to do but your family needs you to. I know you do this, but wholly lean on Jesus name. He is our solid rock. I've sang that song, morning by morning new mercies I see. All I have needed thy hand hath provideth, Great is Thy Faithfulness Lord unto me. If I had one word to describe God during this time, it was be Faithful. Thanks for reminding me. Prayers, my friend.

  2. Sara, praying for your dear Dad; as well, for you and your Mom. I'm praying for miracles in all situations.

  3. Praying for your dad. Hope the blood doctor can find out a cause and get him to a better place with his health. Healing wishes for your dad and lots of prayers.

  4. Hi Sara I just wanted to encourage you in The Lord and thank you too for encouraging me as I read your post and what your father is going through. I can relate in some measure as my dad has just finished chemo.
    As The Lord promises, 'my grace is sufficient for thee' and we have been leaning on His promise.
    God bless, praying for you and your dad

  5. You are in my thoughts and prayers

  6. So sorry Sara. It is always a trying time when our parents are ill and the answers just aren't there. Praying for you and your parents. Hugs~


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