Friday, February 1, 2013

Our Daily Bread ~ Make me a Blessing .. ...

~ Make me a Blessing ~ 
If you're a first timer to visiting our blog I just want to say Welcome we are so glad to have you ..and if you are one of our followers I just want to say that we are so grateful that you follow our blog and we hope that each time you visit and share in our posts that you find your time here is blessed...
Speaking of Being Blessed .. it's a topic that Abbey and I happened on this week ... as many of you know we enjoy pinning on Pinterest and by the way most that pinning and all those beautiful boards are all created by Abbey ... She has such a wonderful eye for picking out and putting together such beautiful things and scenery and I am ever so grateful for her enjoyment of pinning such lovely things to share... and speaking of pinterest ..if you have followed our boards you may have visited our boards of faith filled with scripture and uplifiting and encouraging sentiments...which brings me to the topic that Abbey and I began discussing this week.
She had been pinning several faith based pins on "God Blessing Us" meaning the individual each one of them was asking for God's blessings. And that is most definitely what we are to do is ask for his blessings .. but on the flip side of that .. we discussed that we are always praying and asking the Lord to bless Ourselves.. but did he not call us each individually to be a blessing to one another ?
Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Phillipians 2:3-4

God has called us to be a blessing to others and in so doing we should ask for his blessings but shouldn't we be asking him to help us be a blessing to others. There are so many ways to be a blessing to those we come in contact with each day.. to perfect strangers we can be a blessing ..
We live near a retirement community and the post office and the grocery store we frequently go to and shop at ... are filled with many men and women that are well into their 70's - 80's - and 90's. It's without saying that we too shall be that age one day if life does not end sooner for us ... Life slows way down when you get to those ages for so many not because you want it to but because the body has grown old and can no longer sustain the quickness or ability or agility it did in it's youth ... I say this to share that this is one place I have found that we can be a blessing when we are out.

 Just this last week we were in the grocery store when an older man was standing beside us on an aisle and asked if we knew where the pudding was and we pointed him to the aisle with the boxed puddings ..once again we met up on that aisle and we inquired if he had found the pudding he was looking for .."No" he replied it's not here. "It's in a tub with a lid on it " asking him "so it's already made up ...?" ..." Yes" he replied .. ...not buying pudding in a box or premade Abbey and I were a bit stumped but showed him the pre-mades in the single serving containers thinking that was it ..and yet still he said that wasn't it. He again reitereated that it was in a tub ....

So Abbey went to the front to ask one of the clerks while I stood and talked with him which he began to share that he knew that they bought the pudding there because it had been purchased for his wife who could only eat soft foods because she had cancer but had since recently passed away and his daughter had last done the shopping and bought it for him but now he was trying to shop for himself and didn't know where to find it. He then went on to talk about daughters and how helpful they were and inquired if I was a daughter and I said I was and he shared with me how important daughters are because they have been taught to do the things mom's and wives do and that boys and men sure do need them and how much his daughter meant to him .. By this time Abbey had arrived back and she found out that the pudding he mentioned was found in the cold case near the milk and yogurt on the opposite side of the store so we wheeled our cart with his down to the other end of the store and helped him sort out where in the cold section the pudding was. We found it .. he loaded it in his cart and thanked us for our help and we told him he was more than welcome and we all went our own ways. I imagine that took near 15 or 20 minutes of time that day ..but I believe we were a blessing to this gentlemen.
We didn't start out to help thinking we could be a blessing .. we did it because it's just apart of our hearts to be helpers ..but if being a helper or putting someone else before our selves makes us a blessing then we are all the happier to do so.
Being a blessing means we are servant and this week these lyrics from one of the praise songs kept running over in my head ...except I didn't realize I was inserting the wrong word until today when I began this post ...Below are the lyrics .. however where you see the word "Servant" I kept singing "Blessing" ... I suppose Servant and Blessing can be very much one in the same ... to be a servant can truly be a Blessing to others !
Make me a servant, Humble and meek,
Lord, let me lift up those who are weak,
And may the prayer of my heart always be:
Make me a servant today.
So In your prayers and throughout your day when you ask the Lord to Bless your Life , your Husband, Your Children ..your Income .. The Dr. that's perfoming a surgery on a friend or Loved one etc.... Be sure to remember to ask the Lord to allow you to be a Blessing to someone else in life.... You won't regret it I promise.... to be a blessing is to be blessed.
Wishing you all a Beautiful Weekend...
I have a fun post coming up on the "Scraps" of time my newest Estate Sale find...
Until then...


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  2. Thank you for taking the time to post this very thought provoking entry. Blessing and being a blessing are two of life's greatest pleasures. Aesop wrote one of my favorite quotes: "No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted." Your blog is one blessing I enjoy in life. Thank you!

  3. Sara, things we do for Jesus will live in eternity so that 15 or 20 minutes is an investment.
    A vast majority of folks in this country are blessed and should go about their business being a blessing to others. "A cup of water in Jesus' name..."

  4. oh, I just love this! we just never know how and whom we can bless!

  5. I love when we turn our day over to the Lord! Amen to this sweet post! Bless your hearts Miss Sara and Abbey! xox


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